It’s So Fluffy

Good evening. I am late posting tonight because I have been crocheting a slouchy wool hat. I have no idea what possessed me and made me want to crochet today. I do know how to crochet but I am no expert. I hit up the local Walmart and bought the fluffiest and wooliest yarn I could find. My brain screamed like the little girl in Despicable Me, ‘it’s so fluffy.”

I then turned to YouTube to look for the best slouchy hat video. I did find one that would have been easy to follow, had I bought yarn that would not have made my brain scream, “It’s so fluffy.”

I bought two skeins of the “it’s so fluffy” yarn and came home. I was so excited to get started. I followed along with the video on YouTube and it was going well, even though I had never used the stitch that was being instructed. After going around the base of the hat a few times, I had it down. Round and round I was going and I ran out of yarn but I was smart, had bought two skeins of the “it’s so fluffy” yarn. I tied on the second skein and round and round I went again.

Yep, you guessed it. I ran out of yarn again. How was this little hat taking more than two skeins of yarn? I did not take into account that the yarn was so fluffy and even though it was a normal size skein of yarn it was not as long. As you can tell, I am not very good at this figuring out how much yarn a project will need.
After a trip to Walmart, I now have enough “it’s so fluffy” yarn to finish the slouchy wooly yarn to finish my hat.

I hope to have it finished by tomorrow so that I can post a picture for you.
I’m not including a Bible verse tonight, but I would like you to please pray for my family. My family is going through some tough times right now. I would appreciate special prayers for my brother-in-law.

Have a blessed day.

Peggy Eileen

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