Social Media

I am a person, who absolutely hates talking on the telephone, and would rather text message back and forth. The telephone makes me very nervous. I am not completely sure why the telephone bothers me so much. There is no reason for the fear, but here it is. The people who are closest to me understand how much the phone bothers me.

Having a fear of the telephone, has led me to use social media more and more. I have become semi-addicted to social media and I can’t decide if this a good thing or a bad thing. I use Facebook to keep in touch with my family who live far away from me. I keep a Tumblr so that my amazing friend Emily and I can pass things that we find funny back and forth. I also have an Instagram where I get to see pictures of my niece, nephews and cousins.

See, I totally have way too many social media accounts, but I have uses for them all. The thing that bothers me is the way I see people using social media as a weapon. It happens all the time. One example that makes me extremely sad is Iggy Azalea, who is only 24 years old and has turned her twitter account over to her management because of people attacking her. She shared a picture of herself on vacation and when she came home from vacation and looked at her twitter account she was being attacked because she has cellulite. Good grief, there is no such thing as a perfect body but we are constantly fed air brushed photographs in magazines and all across the internet.

I will never post photos that share my weight loss because I know what it feels like to be attacked online and I won’t put myself through that again. Recently someone was able to obtain information about me and started hacking my twitter, pogo, Facebook and my playstation account. It was madness, as soon as I was able to change my password, they were changing it again. I ended up changing all my passwords to randomly generated letters and numbers in the attempt to stop them. It hasn’t stopped them because whoever it is, knows me and are going to games and places I haven’t visited in years and changing my passwords. I thank God that I get an email every time they change my password and I am able to get with support and get the password changed. I have no idea who or why they are doing this to me, but it is making me think long and hard about the people I have had in my life. Someone is really enjoying themselves while slowly making me crazy.

I try very hard to think about what I post on my social media accounts. I would hate to hurt someone with my words. As a writer, I only want the words in my stories to make you laugh, cry and curse at me…

The words that hurt me the most are the people who say I am a spoiled rotten wife. I have started using those words myself to take the sting out of them. I talked to my friend Emily about it and she made me realize that it is okay for my husband to buy me things. He buys me things that make me happy and I am sorry if that makes people jealous or hurts them in some way, but he is my husband and if he wants to spoil me, that is his right, right?

I guess what my blog boils down to is that, we all need to think before we type and hit send. We could be hurting one another by accident.

Also, we need to stop using social media as a passive aggressive weapon toward each other. God wants us to love one another. Treat others how you want to be treated.

*Steps off soapbox.*

Peggy Eileen

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