Spotless Mind

For the past two hours, I have had my head wrapped in plastic wrap while I dyed my hair pink. For the people who know me, know that my hair is normally pink but I have been wearing it blonde for the past couple of months. When I told my mother I was going back to pink, she was not happy. Now that it is finished, I think it looks pretty nice.

I can remember the first time I dyed my hair pink. I had watched the movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” and it made an impression on me. I went out and found pink hair color and that’s all it took. I have been told that I have the perfect skin tone for pink hair. I have worn my hair pink for so long that people say, I do not look like myself when my hair is any other color.

I have been through so much in my lifetime, and I have changed so much that I feel pink is a fitting color for me. It also makes me ridiculously happy.

Speaking of the movie, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” would you, if you could, have your memory erased. Say if like in the movie you were in a bad relationship and broke up, would you have those memories completely wiped out?

I still am not sure if I would do it. I have been through some terrible breakups in my life, but would I want to erase them from my memory? I think if someone had given me the opportunity right after a painful breakup, I probably would have taken them up on erasing my mind.

What other things would you erase from your mind, if you could? I know of a few things that I would have erased if I could.

Would you erase mean things that people have said to you? I don’t think I would. Some of the things that have been said about me have shaped the person I am today. People who have been downright mean to me don’t know it but they have helped me grow in numerous ways. I have learned that I want to never treat people the way I was treated. The mean words also allowed me to become closer to God, because he is who I turn to when I am hurt and he has taught me to turn the other cheek. He has also taught me that when people treat you wrong, it is alright to not be around that person.

When a person has treated you awful and you just can’t turn the other cheek anymore, God is alright with you extracting that person from your life. There are people though who are in your life and you can’t remove them because, they are family, it is okay with God if you limit the time you spend with them.

I have rambled on for long enough and Lockup is on. I will write again soon.

I would like to ask you to continue to pray for my brother in law Will, my sister Irene and my nephew Charlie. Will is still fighting cancer and Irene and Charlie are holding strong.

I pray your weekend is blessed.

Peggy Eileen

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