My Life

Nick and I spent the first year of our marriage learning to be husband and wife. I loved every moment of being with Nick in our little apartment in Florida. We were not too far from the beach, we had a swimming pool and a hot tub. When we had time off work, I would invite our friends over for tea time, movie night and hot tub soaking. We had a nice life together. Sometimes I wish we still lived in that tiny apartment because we had a balcony overlooking a small lake and we spent every moment with just each other.

You would think that us having such an amazing start to our married life that everyone would have been glad to see us so happy but it was not so.

Before we married, we were told that we should not marry because I was so much older than Nick and that we were more friends than we were boyfriend and girlfriend. I can sort of understand why people would think that because we were friends first and we did not display our affection for each other in front of others. Even though I say now I can sort of understand but the people who were vocal about us not marrying did not care if they hurt me or not. My feelings were not ever taken into consideration, I was just wanted away from Nick. It has taken me years to forgive the things that were said about me, but there are words that one can never forget.

After we were married, I started not feeling well and had some health issues. The doctor put me on medications that I had to take multiple times a day. Even though my medication was prescribed by my doctor, it did not stop people from telling my husband and others that I was addicted to prescription pain medications. It did not even matter that I was not taking any pain medication. I was on Allopurinol, that I had to take multiple pills multiple times a day to try to combat the kidney stones that I was passing almost daily. During this time I had multiple surgeries to attempt to remove some of the larger kidney stones.

After we had been married for a few months, Nick and I took a job with the same company and were on the same schedule. That meant that we would have more time together and then the company put us on midnight turn together and we were together 24/7. I will admit this was kind of fun. We would get up in the afternoon and eat dinner in our bedroom while watching television and then we would both get ready for work. We could even ride together since we were paired together each night. We made friends with the people we worked with and we were doing very well together.

In our second year of marriage, we both decided that we wanted to go back to school. I wanted to get a degree and possibly become a teacher and Nick was working on taking the core classes toward an associate’s degree. Nick’s parents let us move in with them to start classes and save money. We moved in with them and started going to school.

There were days that we could ride together to school and days were we each had to take our own car. The best day was when I drove his Impala to school and the people in my computer class kept asking me if I was the girl driving the Impala. That was so cool. 🙂

After the first semester, Nick decided he wanted to go back to work and he wanted to take a break from college, we decided that I should continue because I was really doing well. I was absolutely in love with going to class. I was doing well enough to be on the President’s List and I never knew that I was capable of the grades I was making. I was even enjoying the algebra classes and that’s when I knew that I wanted to be a math teacher.

Since we were living with his parents, there were rules that we had to follow. We had chores that had to be done weekly and I did most of the cooking. We all were busy and had to pull our own weight. It wasn’t bad living with Nick’s parents, and I do thank them for letting us stay there so I could get an education.

Well, I don’t want this post to get out of control so I am going to stop here. If you want to read more, stay tuned for the next post.

I pray your day is blessed.

Peggy Eileen

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