Going to Heaven

I know me saying I am a Christian and that I love God, will not shock anyone who reads my blog regularly. I can admit that I used to have doubts about God, faith and just about everything to do with being a child of God. If you had asked me about God before I got sick in 2008, I would have told you that I was a Christian but I really didn’t understand how it all worked. I knew that I loved God and I asked him into my heart, but if you asked me if I was going to heaven, I would have told you that I was unsure but I hoped so. If you asked me now, the answer would be one simple word and that word is YES.

How can I be so sure? I found out when I was in the coma.

Twice when I was in the coma, I went to heaven. When I was in heaven, I saw my Grandmother. I don’t remember much of her from when she was alive, but I knew it was her when I saw her in heaven. Whenever she was around me, there was a distinct smell of garlic and pasta sauce. I am Italian and if there was any smell that equates being an Italian it would be garlic and pasta sauce.

When I was in heaven, I woke up in an off white, dimly lit room. My grandmother was standing beside the bed. She took my hand and held it softly. She never opened her mouth to speak to me, but I could hear her talking to me. She told me that she was happy to see me but it was not my time to be with her. She said I could stay for a bit, but then I had to go back to my life.

My grandmother was not the only person in the room with me. There was a lady who was behind me and I never got to see her face. I still to this day, do not know who she was but she was there to tell me her story. I don’t know if she is a relation to me or just someone who wanted me to pass on her story.

My grandmother stayed with me while the lady spoke to me. The woman spoke with a Russian accent but I could understand her very easily. I wish I could describe what she looked like because I would love to know if she is related to me or just a friend of our family.

She told me that when she was alive, she was very poor and she was forced into prostitution just to get by. I have no idea how long she was a prostitute but she wanted me to understand she needed to do it for money. She also told me that toward the end of her life, she became addicted to drugs.

She wanted me to know that on her deathbed, she asked God to come into her life and to please take her to heaven to be with him and that was all it took for to become a child of God.

The second time that I went to heaven, my grandmother and this same woman were in the room where I awoke in. My grandmother again told me that it was not my time to be there and that I could stay for a little bit but then I had to go back to my family.

My grandma still smelled like garlic and pasta sauce and the same lady was still behind me. She told me her story again. She wanted me to understand and to tell others that God does forgive us for the things we have done in our past. We just need to ask him.

I have read other people’s accounts of going to heaven and it seems to me that when we get to heaven, even for a short visit we are surrounded by the people we need to be there. For me, it was my Grandma Cagno.

When I woke from the coma and could finally talk again, I couldn’t wait to tell my mom about where I had been. Because I have seen heaven, I am no longer afraid of death. I used to be scared of dying but now I know where I am going, I am not so scared anymore.

The strangest part of me being in the coma and everything that happened, was when I was finally free of the feeding tube and the trache tube, I spoke with a Russian accent. My husband used to tell people I was his mail order Russian bride. I don’t have much of the accent now, except when I am really tired or in a lot of pain.

I am going to take Sunday off from writing and work on some editing of my book. I do hope that one day I finally get it finished and hopefully published for you all to read.

I pray your weekend is blessed with love and happiness.

Peggy Eileen

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