Happy 29th Anniversary Mom & Gary & Our first year in Texas

Happy Anniversary to my Mom and Gary!! ❤ Someday, I hope that Nick and I can celebrate 29 years together.

Tomorrow, Nick and I are going out dancing again. I am looking forward to spending some time with the man that I love. It seems that he and I are apart more than we are together. It’s hard having a husband that works midnight turn. I have found myself switching more to his schedule. I stay up super late and then sleep half of the day away. My poor gym routine has been blown to bits.

I am going to try to get it back on track this week. Nick will be off for a few days so I will have the car and can get to the gym. I swear I feel like a slug when I don’t make it to the gym. I feel like I am human when I get up and workout but when I sleep, I become a vampire. For being a vampire, I am getting a little bit of a tan living in Texas. I am for once darker than my hubby.

Nick and I will have been here in Texas for a year this month, in fact it’s a year this weekend. Moving here was crazy. He got the job and we needed to move almost immediately. My parents drove to Louisiana from Pennsylvania to help us move. My sister, Irene and her son Charlie drove over to this side of the state to help us move in. Without their help, the move would have been horrible. Nick had lots of help to unload the truck with all of our belongings.

When we packed up everything in Louisiana and headed out the afternoon we moved, Nick drove our car, I drove the Uhaul, with my mom as copilot and my dad, Gary drove behind us in his car. I was glad to be able to follow Nick because then I could just concentrate on that 17 foot truck and talk to my mom. I remember that drive like it was yesterday. My mom and I talked about everything. I would do anything to have a nice long drive just to catch up with mom. I miss her so much, that it hurts.

We stopped at Burger King at the halfway point and the girl who was working there recognized me by my pink hair. Nick and I stopped at that Burger King because it was the halfway point. We took quite a few trips back and forth for his interviews, drug test and to find a place to live. When we finally reached Beaumont, my sister and her son were waiting for us and my dad who followed me while I drove that big truck, told me that I did real good handling that uhaul.

When Nick and I were looking for a place here in Beaumont, we had a list of what kind of place we wanted to live and everywhere we went, there wasn’t anything open where Nick would be okay with leaving me alone at night while he was at work. We were both getting frustrated.

I opened the map on my phone and just looked for apartments. We were starting to get to the point where we would live in a hotel during the week and go home to Louisiana on the weekends till we could find a place. When I opened the map, I found the apartments where we now live.

When we walked in the door, it was like coming home. The lady who manages our apartments was born and raised close to where I was raised and we hit it off. We talked to her for a bit and then she showed us two apartments and when we saw the townhouse, we knew this was meant to be our home. We talked to our manager and it was set. We stayed in town one more night to sign our lease and blam we had our new home.

I know that it was God’s design for us to be here in Texas and to have this home. I live super close to my bestie and we live close to everything and I mean everything. I can be at the mall in less that 5 minutes if the traffic lets me out. I can be at the gym in less than 10 minutes. We live in an amazing home that feels like us. Whenever someone comes into our home they say it feels like they are at home and that is what we strive for our home to be.

I am looking forward to having more family visit. I love having my family around me. It took me moving away from everyone to see how much I miss my family. Nick and I have been nomads for a lot of our marriage. We lived in Florida, which was close to his family, then Pennsylvania, which is close to my family, then Louisiana, where we met people who became family and finally to Texas where we have planted our roots and we are making family here now.

I never thought I would ever live in Texas ever again, but here I am. As long as I have my hubby beside me, I am the strongest woman in the world.

My dear readers, may I once again ask you to pray for my sister, her husband Will and their son Charlie. They need our prayers as the continue to fight Will’s cancer.

I wish you all peace, love and happiness.


Peggy Eileen

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