Writing Exercise: 01

In this exercise, I am to write a scene where I see someone that I know. I hope it leaves you wanting more… 🙂

I pulled into the parking lot of Don’s Cafeteria and found a space close to the entrance and pulled my yellow Volkswagen van into it. As I got out of the van, I glanced around and noticed that were very few cars in the parking lot and thought to myself at least I will get a good seat.

As I opened the door, the hostess greeted me with “Welcome to Don’s Cafeteria, how many in your party?”

“Just me,” I said.

“Follow me,” said the hostess.

I followed the hostess to a table near the middle of the cafeteria and took a seat facing the front of the cafeteria. I scanned the few people sitting close to me and I thought I would die when I saw him sitting three tables away. His back was to me, but I knew that it was him. His hair was the shade of coffee that has sat on the burner far too long and his husky build was one that I would never forget. How does one forget the man who broke her heart?

Breaking me out of my reverie, the hostess said, “Today’s specials are meatloaf, oven roasted chicken and salisbury steak, when you are ready go on up to the serving line. Enjoy your meal.”

I hope he doesn’t see me, I thought to myself. I quietly pushed my chair back and stood up. I turned toward the back of the restaurant and headed toward the serving line. Luckily with the cafeteria being nearly empty, I was the only person in line. I grabbed a tray, some napkins and silverware and put my tray down on the rails that ran along the serving line.

As I stood there, I thought why does he have to be here? Of all the days that I decide to come to Don’s, why did he decided to come here too? I have such rotten luck. Maybe, I could just turn and walk out? Would anyone notice?

Maybe he will leave soon,  I thought and glanced behind me, our eyes met and I quickly turned back around.

“What can I get you,” said the server.

“I would like the oven roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, a roll and diet Pepsi, please.”

I moved down the line to the cash register and the server handed me my plate. And the cashier said “that will be $9.99.”

I reached into my purse to get my wallet and a deep voice said, “allow me to get this?”

I glanced up and there he was. The cashier reached for the credit card he pushed toward her. I knew it was useless to deny him. I still loved him. “Thank you,” I said.

He took the tray from my hands and led me to his table and said, “I think it’s time we talked.”

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