F is for Family & Florida

Nick and I have been in Florida for five days and we are staying until the 7th and we will start for home. It is a pretty easy drive from Beaumont to Pensacola. It took us a bit longer to get here, because we kept running into thunderstorms. We were so happy when we arrived here at Grandma and Mark’s house. The thing that I find most comforting about being at their home is that it stays the same. I can curl up and read in the same place that I did when I came here the first time over nine years ago.

When I first came into the Erickson Family, we would come to Grandma. Grandpa and Mark’s house each year for the Fourth of July. It was a great time for the family to come together and celebrate the birth of our nation and to celebrate being a family. It didn’t matter how many of us there was, we made room. There were a few times where Nick and I slept on an air mattress in the front room or on the pull out bed in the front room.

The ride here was always an adventure of its own. We would leave early in the morning because it was a nine hour drive from West Palm Beach. Lynn, my mother in law would have bags sitting on the seat where you would be for the drive. Each bag was customized for each one of us. She would fill our bags with snacks that each one of us like and once, there was even new pajamas to wear on vacation. She made the trip special for each of us.

If we could all squeeze into one car, Dad aka Al, would switch to all the classic rock stations and we would quiz each other on what band was playing on the radio. There were a few times that we cheated with our phones to figure out who it was. Dad would also find the best fast food for us on the trip. It didn’t matter if we went to multiple places to get food and that’s what we lovingly refer to as Fatty Fat Meals. At Grandmas we still do at least one Fatty Fat meals. This time, we went to Wendy’s for baconator French fries, and then we drove through Dairy Queen to get fried cheese curds. This was our one Fatty Fat Meal this trip.

Being here at Grandma and Mark’s is just like being at home. There is absolutely no pressure or anything that makes my anxiety flare up. The four of us have such a good time. It feels like home. Grandma and I have been watching television and have discovered that we like the same television shows. Of course, my hubby is in heaven as Mark has been kind enough to allow Nick to go into his room while he is at work and Mark has video games that he has wanted to play. My hubby has been hanging out in there playing games.

As for me, I have been sleeping a lot. Since it is just Nick and myself visiting we have been sleeping in the spare room and OMG, the bed is amazingly soft and I find myself want to sleep forever in there. I love to curl up in the bed and spend time reading. I am glad that I brought my eReaders with me. I have done some nonlazy things. I did take my bike out for a ride, but it was super-hot, fun but hot. I also have been cooking a bit and sharing my recipes with Grandma and Mark.

Tonight Mark, Nick and I went out in search of a coke icee. We drove around a bit and the Subway inside the Walmart had them. As weird as it sounds, the icee helps with my stomach problems.

Well, I am going to sign off for now. I will write again soon. I am sorry it has been so long but it is what it is.

I pray you are blessed with love and happiness.


Peggy Eileen

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