Catch Up Blog…

Goodness, I am not doing very well at keeping my blog updated. I thank you for hanging in there and to keep checking for updates.

Last month, I reach my goal for NaNoWriMo. There were a few days there that I thought I would never get to the finish line. The book is nowhere near complete, but I will keep plugging at it a little at a time. Writing has become something that if I don’t at least write something every day, I feel like I am failing at life. I know that seems harsh, but writing is a very important part of me. I have been writing for some time now and I have just began sharing some of it with others. Happily, I am receiving amazing feedback.

I shared some writing with my Mom and her first impression was that she was stunned at how good it was. When my mom sent me the feedback, I was so elated. I am my worst critic and I can be pretty rough on myself and my mom’s words gave me pause and I am thinking maybe I have more talent than I thought?

While I was on the high of good feedback from a couple of sources, I decided to write a short story for a competition. It is a work of Young Adult Inspiration. I finished writing the store a couple of days ago and finished the final edits last night. I was actually brave enough to enter it. I sat in front of my computer and prayed about submitting it and then I hit the submit button before I could chicken out. It is out of my hands now and into the judge’s hands. When I received the conformation email, they invited me to submit another story and I am really thinking about entering another. I was thinking that I could maybe write a short Christmas story.

Just so you don’t think I all do is write, sleep and eat, I went with my amazing friend Shanna to a grand opening for the European Wax Center. We didn’t wax anything but we did enjoy the complimentary food, cake, cookies and strawberry margaritas. We only had one of the drinks, but I filled up on cookies and snacks. It was fun to hang out with my sweet friend. I am so happy that she has come into my life.

I am going to close this out for now and maybe get a little bit more writing done.

I pray for you to have peace, love and happiness all the days of your life.

Peggy Eileen

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