Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Can you believe that tomorrow it will be 2016? I can remember being told to make sure my computer was shut off on New Years Eve 1999. I was out with the guy I was dating and we made it back to my parent’s house to shut the computer off and watch the ball drop in New York.

Last year, I made a list of my new year’s resolutions and posted them on the back of the front door where I would be sure to see them every day. I managed to stick to most of them, but a couple I failed miserably, but I am okay with that. I managed to better myself this year with the resolutions I made.

This year my resolutions have to do with family, reading my bible and my writing. I am hoping I can do better this year than last year.

Nick made sure I had a fabulous Christmas. My parents were here and for the first time in five years, my husband was home with me. We went out for dinner on Christmas Eve and we had a quiet Christmas day where I introduced my mother to Doctor Who. She spent the day beside me on the couch during the Doctor Who marathon on BBCA. At first, she didn’t pay a whole lot of attention but then she began to ask questions. I absolutely love it that my mother will watch Doctor Who.

After Christmas, we made a trip to the bookstore and Nick bought me Professor River Song’s sonic screwdriver. I am sure at this point he is regretting getting me the screwdriver because I am constantly using it on him or things around him. Hehehe

I myself have been embarking on a Doctor Who marathon of my own. I have been watching every day on Netflix and I am on Season 4 episode 9. This is one of my favorite episodes because Professor River Song arrives in the Library and the Doctor has no idea who she is. I won’t say anymore, spoilers.

My mother got me a Doctor Who journal and I have been putting it to really good use. Writing has become a part of me and I don’t always share what I write but maybe one day. I did send a short story in to a writing competition and will find out if I place in mid-January. Keep your fingers crossed.

Well, I am going back to my crochet project until my husband wakes up and we are off to do a bit of shopping.

I pray you have a blessed New Year. Please be safe out there.

Love & Hugs,


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