Rant Ahead: Proceed with Caution

Please forgive my rant, but it ticks me off when people judge others who are different. Proceed with caution. I don’t mean to hurt the feelings of anyone.

On my Facebook, I have been seeing memes with people who are pierced, tattooed and with brightly colored hair. For some reason, people think that making fun of people who are different is A-OK and it just upsets me. I have pink hair, have 2 face piercings (I had 2 more but when I had surgery, they closed) and 2 tattoos. My hair has been all different shades of pink since before I was married.

My mum dislikes when I color my hair wild colors, but I think she has become accustomed to my face piercings because she never mentions them anymore. My hubby doesn’t mind my piercings and the wild hair, because he knows it is me showing the world who I am. My mother-in-law told me once, that when my hair isn’t pink, I am not myself and I have to agree with her.

So, why do I color my hair pink, have tattoos and face piercings? I am showing everyone me, the real me. I am a creative person, I write, paint, play the flute, piccolo, harmonica, keyboard and I am learning the ukulele and violin and inside my head at any given moment, I am thinking about writing or painting or something creative. When I am in the shower, I write in my head, but of course I can’t let you into my shower, but I am showing you my creativity with my appearance.

The color pink happens to be my favorite color and you know that when you look at me. One of my tattoos will give you a glimpse of my walk with God. It is a Celtic Trinity Knot that represents the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit. God is a HUGE part of my life and my walk with Him is very important to me. When I am out, I can look at my wrist and I am instantly reminded that God is with me and that I am His daughter. My second tattoo is mine and my husband’s initials. People have asked why I would put his initials on my body and what happens if were to breakup? I believe that God made me for Nick and that Nick was made for me. We are complete when we are together, so why wouldn’t I put his initials on me? He is my life, my love and my world. That tattoo shows that I believe we are going to be married until death do us part.

I know what you are thinking… maybe. How can you walk into church like that? My pastor and I actually had a talk about it and he said it just gives me extra cool points.  Extra cool points!! I have an amazing pastor at Praise Church and he accepted me into the church family even though I look different.

Everyone should be welcome into God’s churches. It doesn’t matter what color your hair happens to be or how many piercings you have or if you are just different. God made me and I just happen to be a bit different, but that doesn’t mean I am flawed in any way. I have never had anyone at church say anything about my appearance. It really isn’t any different than someone who colors their hair to color the gray. I’m just coloring my hair to hide the gray too.  Tis a true statement, in a week I will be 46 years old and I do have gray hair.

I believe that self-expression should be something that we are encouraged to do. I also believe that children should be allowed to have self-expression. If children are not allowed to find themselves, we end up with a society who hits midlife crisis and then all hell breaks loose in their life. If you have never been encouraged to figure out who you are on the inside, I think you should take time to do that. If you don’t love yourself, how can you really love someone else?

If I had been encouraged in school, who knows where I would be today. The first encouragement from any teacher came when I went back to college in my late 30’s. I had two professors who encouraged my writing and my self-expression. I was encouraged to think outside the box and I will be forever thankful to them.

In the past, I have had moments where I absolutely hated myself to the point where I wanted to die, but when I see myself now, I am happy with me. My outside matches how I feel on the inside. I am an aging hippie who finally knows who she is and  I can finally love myself. I have learned to love others and it doesn’t matter what they look like. Once people get to know who this person who lives inside of this aging body, they see that I am a happy hippie who loves life and everyone.

When you see someone who has pink, green, blue or whatever color hair, just smile and know that they are showing you who they are on the inside. And if you see someone with tattoos, don’t be afraid. Those tattoos tell a story. My husband was with me at a hospital when we lived in Louisiana and the nurse was afraid of him. She wouldn’t get anywhere near him and she kept staring at his tattoos. It made me sad, because Nick is one of the most amazing people who walks on this earth. If she had given him a chance, she would have seen that.

I’m sorry for posting a rant, but I don’t think making memes out of someone’s photographs isn’t a nice thing to do. I have had people take my picture without asking and it’s just wrong. How would you like for a stranger to take your picture and post it online to make fun of you? I wouldn’t like it, so I would never do that to someone.

End Rant…

Camp NaNoWriMo starts in less than 24 hours and I feel so unprepared, but I will press on. It’s what we writers do. Procrastinate. I need to be working on my outline, but here I am writing a blog post instead. My new name should be Peggy Eileen Procrastination. I will probably not post much till after camp is over on April 30th. I hope to start editing the novella on May 1st, wish me luck. Thank you!

Peace, Love & Happiness to You,


If you are in need of prayer, please send me a message. I will pray for you. God is watching over you, he loves you and wants you to be part of his family and I can help you with that.

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