Florida, Phat Loots, Birthday, Family, Friends & Fun

Nick and I drove to Pensacola, Florida on Wednesday, April 6th and we stayed until the following Tuesday. We had a blast. Nick and his uncle Mark, get along and have been spending time playing video games and just hanging out. I have been spending time with Grandma and loving every minute! (Hi Grandma)

On Thursday, I turned 46 and I woke up to find wonderful birthday signs Grandma hung around the house. Nick, Grandma, and Mark went all out to make my birthday special and I had a wonderful day. They took me to Red Robin, where I had the most wonderful cheeseburger ever!! If you get a chance get the burger that has bacon and an egg on it. It is amazing!! After dinner, Nick and I went through the mall looking for an Earth Bound store, but the directory lied to us. The store is gone. We then ran into Best Buy to look for an S Pen for my Note 4 because I have lost mine somewhere between Texas and here. Then we came back to the house and I got to open presents. Let me just say, I was spoiled with phat loots. (thank you Mark, Grandma and PapaBear for spoiling me)

4/8/16 On Friday we took a ride around Pensacola to look at the property damage that came from Pensacola being hit by two tornados a week apart. Grandma and Mark’s home did not suffer any major damage, but the houses around the corner were missing windows, fences and pieces of their roofing were missing. About five minutes away from their house, the devastation was something that I have never seen up close before. There are homes that were ripped in half, homes that are completely demolished, apartments that have no walls and yet the clothes are still hanging on the hangers in the closet that somehow survived. There were homes that had been swept out into the bay and the people who were in the home had to swim to shore. I believe it is by the grace of God that no one died during these two tornados. There is just no rhyme or reason to the way the tornado jumped around to hit and miss homes. It made me very sad to witness the destruction of property and I pray that I never have to start over from nothing. CLICK HERE to see the devastation.

For lunch on Friday, we all went to Captain Joey Patti’s Seafood Restaurant where I had the most wonderful flounder, fries, and hush puppies. Shh, I’m on vacation, there are no calories on vacation. J

After lunch, we went to Hobby Lobby where I used my birthday gift card to get more coloring books, colored pencils, and yarn. (I used the yarn to make Grandma a really cute hat and I made a matching scarf.) Then we went to the comic book store where I got so many comic books! Of course, I added to my Doctor Who 10th Doctor, Year 2 collection. I was also able to bring my We Are Robin up to date and added a few to my Teen Titan collection. I absolutely love TBS Comic here in Pensacola, because I can always find what I am looking for. I always add to my collection when we visit. If you get to Pensacola, please go check them out. CLICK HERE to visit TBS Comic.

4/9/16 On Saturday, Nick and I went to the mall just to look around before we went to the beach for lunch. The directory did lie about the Earth Bound store, but we found it opposite of where it was supposed to be. We spent about a half an hour looking around and then we left for the beach. It was a good thing that we left early because the traffic was horrific. When we go near the beach, it took quite a while to get to the booth to pay the dollar it costs to get on the beach. We gladly paid the dollar because it goes toward the upkeep of the beach. The beach is beautiful.

The reason we made a trip to the beach was to meet up with a friend of Nicks. I got to Myla who has known my Nick since he was little. We also got to meet her wife Michelle. I was excited to meet them both and they are so very nice. I hope they come to visit us.

We all met for lunch at a wonderful restaurant called Peg Leg Pete’s. When one is in Florida, one needs to eat as much fish as possible. Well, at least this one. I again had fish, french fries and coleslaw. The food was amazing and I am wishing I had fish to eat right now.

While we were there, Mark made pork chops like Grandpa did every time we would visit. It has become a family tradition and we have Grandpa’s pork chops. I am so glad that we keep the tradition alive. There were times when I would look for Grandpa and I am saddened that he is longer with us, but I know that he is here in our hearts and watching us from heaven. (I miss you, Grandpa)

The day before we left, we went back to Red Robin where I gobbled the hamburger with the egg again. I think that is my favorite way to have a burger. I have made the egg burger for Nick and I since we have gotten home from Florida.

I never thought I would want to go back to Florida so much as I do now. If we could move to Pensacola, I would gladly pack up everything and move tomorrow.

I must apologize for not posting this sooner. My best friend’s mom passed away last week and it has been a rough time for him, his family and myself. I haven’t been writing much of anything. I am not even sure I will get my NaNoWriMo project done. It’s a good thing it doesn’t have to be turned in until the end of May, so I will have time.

I wish you Peace, Love and Happines

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