Happy 4th of July


Happy 4th of July!  Please be safe as you celebrate with your family and friends.

Woobie and I are planning on going to see fireworks this evening. I am going to be totally cliche and grill hotdogs.  (inside on my Foreman grill)

Yesterday, Woobie and I were watching television when we could hear what sounded like ice cracking and then water trickling. It turned out to be the air conditioner. Every time the air shuts off, it sounds as if it taking a pee.  🙂  It is still working and I am not turning it off. It’s too stinking hot to be without air. Currently we have two buckets under it. We can’t get to the inside unit as our landlord has it screwed shut, so we put the buckets behind the air filter.

Yesterday when we noticed the dripping, I called the 24 hour emergency maintenance number and left a message. So far, we have not been called back. 

When Woobie and I looked at this townhouse, they were repairing the ceiling in the spare room for this exact thing. We have lived here for two years and this is the first time it has had issues. I guess the repair they did was not a permanent fix. I really wish they would call us to let us know when someone will be in to look at it. It’s a good think Woobie stays up at night (he works midnight turn) so he can empty the buckets. We are having to empty them every two to three hours. 

My Camp Nano project is coming along. I managed to write 3,075 words in two days. My goal is 15,000 words in thirty days and I believe I will go past my goal. I am finding my story makes me very emotional. I am remember thing that are good and some that are bad. I am also remembering things that I have done that make me ashamed of myself.

I used to say that I lived without regrets, but I am finding that there are few moments in my life that I regret. I am not sure if it’s too late to go back and apologize for some of the mean things I have done. Can it ever be too late to apologize?

Well, that’s all for now. Have a blessed and safe 4th of July.

Peace, Love and Happiness,

Peggy Eileen

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