Happy Birthday to You

Hello My Lovely Readers!

I am going to try to remember to do this every month. I want to tell my family and friends how much I care about them and to try to do it during their birth month.

I am  using Facebook to help me figure out birthdays, so if you lied to Facebook would you get in touch with me so I can put your birthday on my calendar?

I have made a contact page so please let me know if I have missed your birthday!

This month I have a few family and friends having birthdays, so here goes.

Happy Birthday Jorge Herrera

Jorge, I got to meet you the day before Nick and I were married. I really appreciate you marrying us. We made 10 yeas this year. I know a lot about you from my mother-in-law and father-in-law and also from Nick. You made an impact on my husbands life. He loves the Lord and that makes me so very proud to be his wife. I wish I had been around when your church was in Florida. If you find yourself in Texas, you have a place to stay. Thank you for being an amazing man who is making a difference in the crazy world.

Happy Birthday Sonja Fay Little

Sonja, I am so happy that you are in my life. Not only do we have writing in common but we hail from good old Pennsylvania. Isn’t life funny? Us finding each other here in Texas. I’m still not convinced that people were actually born and raised in Beaumont. Most of the writing group is people born elsewhere and then landed in Texas.

You absolutely amaze me. You work your butt off at Waffle House and then turn around and go to class. I still don’t know how you manage to do it all. You are a Wonder Woman! Thank you for being such a good friend. (hugs to you)

Happy Birthday Gary Champion

Happy Birthday Gary! You came into my life when I needed a father. I know we haven’t always seen eye to eye, but you never gave up on me. You have given me confidence to do things that I would have never done without you backing me. I would still be chicken to go take my Texas driving test, but you taught me to parallel park the red beast and sure enough I passed my test.

All the years that you took us camping, taking us to concerts and then taking me to archery shoots with you, have made you an amazing dad and I will never forget all of the fun things we have done. I think our best trip was the drive from Pennsylvania to Louisiana. Your trust in my driving makes me laugh. You just fell asleep and let me go.

Thank you for being in my life Old Man. I love you so much.


Happy Birthday Diane Brewington

Happy Birthday Aunt Diane. I know we haven’t spent much time together since we have never lived near each other. I can remember us all meeting in Greenville, PA for lunch and just laughing and carrying on. I am glad that you got to see mom when you were in Pennsylvania. If you find yourself in Texas, make sure to visit me so I can take you out for lunch.I would love for you to meet my husband.

Happy Birthday Marcie Miller

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LITTLE SISTER!!!! There are so many memories that I want to write about, but I think my blog post would end up a million pages.

I loved growing up with you Marcie. You and I are so much alike. I think that is why you and I get along so well. Do you remember making a pile of french fries to eat while we played Mario on the original Nintendo? I loved that we would pause the game and clean up the house before mom would get home.

How could i forget our favorite snack. Do you remember having red fingers from the pistachios? Or how about running to the mall when you were pregnant with Melanie? We spent afternoons at the mall eating soft pretzels.

Do you remember the tall hat man? I am glad we shared a room, because the tall hat man scared the crap out of me.

I am so happy you are my sister. And like a little boy said about his mother, if you weren’t my sister, I would punch the fake sister in the face and then come find you. We were meant to be sisters and best friends.

I love you so much Marcie!!!

Happy Birthday Lynn Erickson

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

I know that we haven’t always had the best relationship, but I am glad that you are my mother-in-law. Scratch that, I’m glad you are my Mom.

Thank you for letting me live with y’all while Nick and I were dating. Thank you for letting us get married in the backyard. It was a beautiful wedding and I thank you for helping us pull off the most wonderful wedding ever!!

I also want to thank you for trusting me with your son. I love him so much Mom. You have raised a most wonderful and loving man.

I love you mom & I am happy you are in my life!

Happy Birthday Cynthia Biers

Cynthia, when I was younger you made a huge impact on my life. When I lived in Texas as a teen, I was all over the place in my head and you were the person who was there when I needed someone to talk to.

You were the first person I ever saw drive in their bare feet and when I drive long distance, I take my shoes off and think of you.

You were the super COOL adult and it was easy to trust you. Thank you for being the COOL adult in my life.

I cannot wait to see you again.

I love you!!

Well, that’s my birthday list for October. I don’t think I have any birthdays in November, so I will work on the December Birthday post and have it post on the first. I hope!

Peace, Love & Happiness,


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