Wisdom from Grandma’s Fridge & More

Hello my wonderful readers! I hope you like the Halloween theme. My husband and I love Halloween and I thought I would change it for him. Maybe he will read my blog now. (hint hint, Woobie)

I am still in Florida as I write this, but it won’t be posted until October 10th, however I wanted to get a jump start on this blog because this is a very special post. It is about my wonderful Florida Family. I love you Grandma and Mark. I am so glad I got to spend time with you both.

I am here in Pensacola helping out Grandma & Mark, while he isn’t feeling so well. Being here is a comfortable for me as being at home. I have a wonderful bedroom all to myself and there is a Planet Fitness only a couple of miles away, so I am set.

Today, for the first time, I made it around Pensacola without using the GPS on my phone!!!

Last evening, Grandma gave me a typed written note she had on the fridge and I would like to share it with you.I had never been taught to read the bible like this. It is an amazing sheet of paper Grandma gave me and I am thankful that she entrusted me with it.

Grandma’s fridge holds lots of things and if you look closely you will see Woobie and me.

How to Use the Bible

When in sorrow, read John 14

When men fail you, read Psalm 27

Before church service, read Psalm 64

When you have sinned, read Psalm 51

If you want to be fruitful, read John 15

When you are in danger, read Psalm 91

When you have the blues, read Psalm 34

When you worry, read Matthew 6:19-34

When God seems far away, read Psalm 139

When you are discouraged, read Isaiah 40

When doubts come upon you, read John 7:17

There are more verses than I have written here and if you would like to see the rest of the verses please let me know. I will gladly share them with you.

While I have been here in Florida, we have been eating really good food and I made them suffer with my cooking too. We have eaten a couple of times at Steak & Shake, by the way, they have amazing cheeseburgers. Mark and I had them for breakfast the other morning and Grandma had their chicken tenders, which looked good also. Mark also treated us to 5 Guys and they have amazing burgers. We also had wonderful calzones from Sky’s Pizza, but the most amazing meal was when Mark made Grandpa’s pork chops.

Whenever we would come to Pensacola, Grandpa would make broiled pork chops and Mark has taken over making the pork chops after Grandpa’s passing.

Grandma and I have been spending a lot of time together. Gram and I have a lot in common. We like the same television shows and have a love for all olives. Last night Grandma and Mark introduce me to Sherlock. I stayed up way to late last night watching episodes of Sherlock on my tablet.

Grandma and I have also getting her house ready for Halloween. We decorated the back porch with pumpkin lights. But the best part was decorating the fireplace mantel. While we were getting the house ready for Halloween, Grandma told me about all the family photographs and the different things around the house that have been in the family for years. This trip has been wonderful. I don’t feel bad saying that because Mark is healing and even though I came to help out while he heals it is wonderful to spend time with them. That’s the wonderful thing about visiting family, you can just hang out around the house and still have a great time.

There is someone else who I have been spending time with and he has me wrapped around his little paw. He looks at me, groans and then I am on the floor petting him. Max is such a beautiful dog. He knows I am a sucker for his cute face.

Our poor little Max has cancer and Grandma and Mark have made the decision to keep him out of pain and let him enjoy the rest of his life. He groans like he is getting older and that’s  because he is, but he is such a ham. When he isn’t having pain, he likes to play and go outside to bark at the neighborhood. I say he is out there ruling his neighborhood. I love Max as if he was my dog.


Max likes to lay in the living room and watch us eat dinner. He is waiting for us to drop something on the floor. He lays there and doesn’t make a sound just watching. Isn’t he adorable. I keep telling Max to make sure that Grandma and Mark make it into the car in the morning, because I want to kidnap them and bring them home with me tomorrow. I would even let Grandma drive if she would come with me. She keeps teasing me about driving my car and I told her when I come back with my Subaru, she would be able to drive it.

The other day, Mark and Grandma took me to a used bookstore and I walked out with seven books. Mark and Grandma are readers and they are good with me hiding in the bedroom to read. I even was brave enough to give Mark a copy of Carrie Anne. I am going to edit the original and try to get it published. Wish me luck.

I have had such a good time with my family here in Florida. The only person missing is my Woobie. I have missed his kitchen hugs he gives me every day before he gets ready for work. I have also been missing my writing group family, Emily, Elissa, Cat and Sonja. I don’t think I will make it to writing group tomorrow since I will be driving home in the morning, but I might try to drop in for a coffee. I need my Sertino’s coffee.

Well, that’s about all in my world, I hope all is well in yours.

Peace, Love & Happiness,




PS. I thought I would share a picture of my Woobie as a child. He’s gonna kill me for this one. 🙂

2016-09-29-12-58-13-jpg  He was such a cutie pie and still is.


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