Till We Meet Again Will



Hello My Wonderful Readers,

Tonight I come to with sadness in my heart to let you know that my brother in law Will has lost his battle with cancer. My sister has lost her dear husband and I cannot even imagine what she is going through tonight and my nephew has lost his father and again I cannot imagine what he is going through tonight. I am glad that my parents are with them when I am not. I am thankful for Charlie’s friends who will help him through coming days.

I can say platitudes, send flowers, call and text, but my heart hurts for them and for myself tonight. One thing that gives me moments of happiness is when I think that he is no longer in pain, no longer fighting the cancer and I believe that Will is in the presence of our Lord tonight.

I found out this evening (thank you mom) that Will loved the song I Can Only Imagine and as I listen to it, I wonder if Will is dancing with JOY being with Jesus? Maybe he is with family that has gone on before him and they are catching up or they are looking down upon us as we go through the grieving process. They want to see our smiles as we remember the good times and happiness that comes from knowing there is no pain for Will now.

Irene and Charlie, you have one very special angel watching over you. He is with you in your memories, your hearts and he will be with you when you need him. You may not see him, but if you close your eyes I know you will feel him.

Will was a very special guy. He let Irene, Charlie and I play jokes on him and he would give it right back. We downloaded crazy eyeballs and scary things on our cell phones and tablets , sneaked them into the bedroom to scare him and the next morning, I got woke by an air horn compliments of Will.

Will taught me how to clean a fish and then taught me how to fry it. He made his taxidermy deer with they eyeballs and teeth that freaked me out. I think he liked freaking me out with those eyeballs. Irene, do you remember that open mouthed deer? Or did I imagine that scary thing? 

Will, we had some fun times and I am going to miss you. You are an amazing man and I will never, ever forget you. I will carry you in my heart until I see you again.

This is where I would normally say peace, love and happiness, but I have a request I would like to ask of you. Will you please keep my sister, my nephew, Will’s parents, siblings and both of our families in your prayers. Thank you.




2 thoughts on “Till We Meet Again Will

  1. Cynthia and George says:

    Of course we will, we are not very good with words when it comes to things like this, but we pray for all of you and consider us there with you all, if there is anything we can do for anyone please just let us know, we love you all!
    Cynthia and George


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