For My Sister Marcie <3

I wrote this one for my sister Marcie. She has already seen and gave me permission to post it.

I love you so much Marcie.

Earthly Angels

“Shh,” my younger sister whispered as I followed her through the woods.

“Where are we going?” I whispered.

“I want you to meet my other family.”

“What do you mean your other family.’ I said rather loudly.

I ran into Marcie as she stopped. “Please, keep your voice down. You’re going to ruin everything.”

“What am I going to ruin?” I asked her feeling very confused.

“Hush, just follow me.”

Marcie glided through the woods and I stumbled along behind her.

She came to stop and this time I managed to stop before ran into her again. She stood there with the big grin on her face.

“I can’t wait to show you,” she said with a giggle and bounced around like a school girl.

I swear in the minutes it took us to walk through the woods, my sister seemed to age fifteen years. Her hair was streaked with gray and there were deep wrinkles in her face that had not been there moments before. “Marcie, what’s happening to you? Are you alright?” I asked with a quivering voice. I was terrified at what I was seeing. My sister was aging right before my eyes.

My sister grabbed my hand and squeezed it reassuringly. “It’s okay Peggy, this is normal. I promise.”

She was still holding my hand when we stepped into an opening in the woods and out of nowhere an enchanted village appeared before us. There were people walking around and talking to each other and people sitting on the tiny porches attached to tiny houses. The houses were painted in every color of the rainbow. Every person that I could see had graying hair like my sister and deep wrinkles in their faces.

“What is this place?”

“This is my earthly home,” she said quietly.

“Earthly home?” I stammered. “I thought…”

“I’m still your sister,” she said with a sweet smile. “Come on, there are some people I would like you to meet.” Still holding my hand, she pulled me toward a small purple house with white shutters.

I slid my hand out of hers and stopped walking. “Who lives here?”

“My family, silly. I told you that,” she said sweetly.

“But, I’m your family, aren’t I?”

“Of course,” she said and started walking again. I had no choice, but to follow.

When she stepped on the porch, an elderly woman came out the door and greeted Marcie, “hello, my sweet girl. We weren’t expecting you to today.”

“I know Momma,” she said and gave the lady a hug.

While Marcie and the woman hugged, I noticed that they seemed to be the same age now and yet Marcie called her Momma. Who is this woman? I thought to myself. 

“Momma, I want you to meet my earthly sister Peggy.”

“It’s nice to meet you. Any sister of Girl’s is a friend of mine,” she said, smiling at me.

“Girl?” I asked confused.

“Oh, forgive me, I am always forgetting the earthly names that are given to our children.”

“Earthly name?”

“When I am here my name is Girl. All the female angels are named Girl until they are given young angels to look after and then they are called Momma.”

“Angels?” I asked softly.

“Yes, I am an angel.”

“Why are you on earth, shouldn’t you be in heaven?”

“After the great flood and God gave the world a rainbow to signify that he would never flood the earth again, he sent angels to live on earth and help our earthly brothers and sisters in their time of need.”

“But, why are you with me and my family? Why do we need an angel? How can you be an angel if our mom gave birth to you?” I asked getting angry. “This is a joke, right?”

“No. It’s not a joke,” Marcie said calmly.

“Why do you look so old?” I asked bluntly.

“When earthly angels are out of our village, we appear younger than we are and continually get younger. We never look our real age.”

“How old are you?” I asked my now older sister.

“I am 105, which is still very young for an earth angel,” she said smiling.

“If you are getting younger every day, what happens when you reach zero?”  I asked, regretting my question instantly.

“My age decreases a bit every day. My age will decrease rapidly if my family is doing well and it will decrease slowly if my family needs my help. I will become age zero when my family no longer needs me and I will come back with Momma until another family needs me.”

“Will I remember you?” I asked sadly.

“No Peggy, you won’t remember me, but you will remember having guardian angel.”

“Why did you bring me here? I don’t want to forget you,” I said angrily.

“I wanted you to know me for who I am. We aren’t allowed to bring our early families here, but I got a special permission to bring you. You are such a special person and I promise that I will never forget you,” she said with tears sliding down her face.

“Peggy, I promise when Girl comes back to me I will take good care of her,” Momma said trying to reassure me.

“Thank you,’ I sobbed.

In the distance, a church bell could be heard ringing. “What’s that?”  I asked.

“It the signal for earthly angels to return to their earthly families,” Marcie said grabbing my hand and tugging me off the porch.

“It was nice to meet you,” I shouted to Momma and waved.

Marcie led me out of the village and back into the woods. The further away we got from the village, the younger Marcie appeared. By the time we reached our home, she was back to normal.

“Please don’t tell anyone,” she whispered.

“I won’t, I swear. Please don’t forger me.”

“I won’t.” she said.

I held out my pinky finger and she hooked hers with mine then in unison we said, “pinky promise.”






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