December Birthdays

Hello my Wonderful Readers!

Before we know it, December will be upon us and the countdown till Christmas will begin, so I want to give a shout out to the wonderful people in my life who were born in the month of December!

December 1st – Happy Birthday to my sweet friend Emily! Emily and I met the November after Nick and I moved to Beaumont. Our love of writing is what brought us together and then a friendship grew. Look at us now! Emily, I am very happy that you are in my life. ❤

December 9th –  Happy Birthday Aubrey! I am proud to say that I know you. I loved that your Grandma would bring you and Chaise over to our house when Nick and I lived in Pennsylvania. It gave me time to get to know you and I think you are an amazing young woman. I am proud of you! You are a bright star and you have a bright future ahead of you!! ❤

December 22nd – Happy Birthday Michael! I know that we haven’t spent that much time around each other, but I am glad that I know you. You are a great guy and I will apologize for threatening you at your wedding. Maybe threaten isn’t the right word (hehe) You have made my cousin happy and that makes you a great guy!! I hope your birthday is amazing!

December 25th – Happy Birthday Ryan! Wow, it’s been a long time since we have seen each other, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think about you. I have spent many hours thinking about the fun things you and I did together. Your mom was my best friend as I was growing up and that meant I got a lot of time with you too. I can remember a time that you told me you were running away from home and I told you okay, but that you weren’t allowed to go out on the road. You ran away for a little bit and came back because there wasn’t anywhere you could go.

Back when I was young and dumb, I smoked. Not many people knew, until you told Grandma Scott in a loud whisper, “Peggy smokes.” 🙂  Do you remember your nickname from me? RyRy French Fry

I miss you RyRy French Fry. Happy Birthday!

Well, there you have it. My December B-day list! If I have missed your birthday, let me know and I will make sure to include you on my list.

My you find Peace, Love & Happiness,


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