Mawow’s Bad Habits!

Meow my Kitty Friends, (Yes, you are all are now friends with Mawow, you wouldn’t want to disappoint him would you?)

As you can tell by the title, my little love is developing a few bad habits. Yes, I know they are my fault but I just can’t help myself. Nick & my Mom say I spoil him, but he is worth it.

Mawow came to live with Nick and I when our friends (you know who you are) found this wonderful little kitty. He was pretty beat up, but was still lovable as heck. My friend messaged me if I wanted him and I talked with Nick and Bobby (his real name) was brought to me the next day. Again, thank you so much for bringing him to me. I love this little guy so much.

We decided on the name and keeping the Bobby part. His name is Bobby Baby Boy Belcher. We started out wonderfully with the name, but then I am the reason he is called Mawow. He had a timid squeak of a meow and I thought I could teach him how to meow. I started out softly with meow, then I thought he needs to have a great meow so I started with a deep voice saying ma-wow and now that is the only name he will answer too. If you call him Bobby he acts like he can’t hear you. (Bad Habit)



Bad Habit #2

I am not really sure how the heck this one started, but I did try to stop it, but one day I will die from some cat ick! It will be worth it. Mawow has his own Sertino’s mug filled to the brim with water (it’s a local coffee shop) that resides on the coffee table. His water mug and dish beside his food are kept full at all times, but the dude wants what is in my glass. I now carry around a glass of water in the house at all time. The upside of this is that I have increased  my water intake tremendously.

For some reason, this does not pertain to food that we humans eat. He isn’t interested in anything but his cat food.

His third bad habit, is my doing again. I am a terrible kitty mama. When Mawow wants my attention, he will go downstairs to the middle of the living room and start howling at me. Even if he was sitting on my lap two seconds ago, he goes downstairs and howls.

I just realized a few days ago, this is my fault. If I can’t find him in the house, I walk to the middle of the living room and call for him. When I call it only takes a minute for him to answer me. Now, he does it to me. I have to acknowledge that he is calling for me or he will not stop.

Yep, I am a bad mama. I have other stories to tell you, but for tonight I am going to close, because Mawow wants my attention.

Peace, Love and Happiness,



Mawow’s mom



One thought on “Mawow’s Bad Habits!

  1. Adan Ramie says:

    I’m so glad he’s still bringing you so much joy. On the upside, one day he might get so bad that you get to meet Jackson Galaxy of My Cat From Hell fame. ^_^ Miss you at writing group!


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