Hello my Wonderful Readers,

There hasn’t been much going on around here except getting ready for FLORIDA! My mom and dad will be at our house while we are gone. Someone needs to be here for The Great Mawow. My mom and I agree that he needs someone in the house with him. I’m not afraid of him destroying our house, but I fear for his mental well being. He has not been alone for more than a couple of hours while we go out for dinner or groceries. Even when I walk, Nick is here. He’s going to be a handful for my mom, but she already knows this.

Before I go any further, I am going to plop a music video right here.

This song has always been a big part of mine and my sisters’ lives. My mom used to play this and sing this song when we were kids. I think the last time I heard it played was at my younger sister’s wedding. Marcie, is that where?

This song used to make me cry whenever I would hear it so I sort of stayed away from it, but last night, I started listening to songs that have that make me tear up. I know it’s stupid, but now that my memory is coming back full throttle I have been connecting pieces together and listening to the music of my childhood.

Of course the cat lady in me comes out and I snatch up Mawow to sing and dance with him. I think he is thinking I have lost my mind somewhere in the past couple of days. He lays on the floor and stares at me. I’m waiting for him to start cursing. (Hint, there is a cat on YouTube who likes to curse. If you send me a message, I will give a link to you.)

Since I have started walking again over at the park, I think I am going to get a kitty stroller so my baby can go with me. I have been checking them out on amazon. I know, I know I am slowly sinking into full fledged cat lady and I am alright with it.

Those who follow me on Facebook will have already heard this little tale about ravioli. Last night I made some ravioli in the microwave and when I sat down to eat them, Mawow had this look of joy on his face. He was smelling the cheese and wonderful sauce. He looked at me and it appeared he was waiting for his but when I said these are not for kitties, he looked sad and then mad. My sister Marcie, said his look was telling to watch out when I fell asleep.

As you can see, little Mawow knows how to throw some serious shade.

He did get is revenge last evening. I was sitting on my computer pretending to do some work, when this rank smell hit my nose. It wasn’t me and PapaBear was at work, so we know whose stench it was. I turned to look at him and he looked so satisfied. One day my little Mawow, I will introduce to you the dutch oven of the sheets.


Here he is after his little revenge. I swear one day I will get him back.

I hope you are all liking my little Mawow. I love him so much. I had no idea how much of a cat lady I would become.

Peace, Love and Kitty Snuggles,



Regerts (Sorry I need a Snickers) hehe

Regrets, Bitterness, Disappointment, Discomfort…

Hello my Wonderful Mawow Friends,

How are y’all doing?

Tonight, I am sitting at my computer and thinking about regrets. Why? Well for what started this train of thought, I was attempting to teach myself to knit. My mom is a wonderful knitter and she showed me a bit, but me at home alone I of course ended up being frustrated. I probably would have powered through but someone (You Know Who) decided he wanted to teach me a lesson. He wanted the yarn more than I did.


Do not let this innocent look fool you. He for the most part leaves my mom’s yarn alone, but with me it was game on. There is a bunch of blue and cream colored yarn about to go in the garbage. I would let him play with it, but I have read horror stores about having to pull it out of the other end. If you get my drift? EWWWWWW

I read about a woman who was attempting to retrieve the yarn as described above, but the cat was chasing it too. Kind of like they chase their tail. You’re welcome for the visual.

I for the most part try to live my life regret free. After being sick for so dang long, I want to live peacefully and regretting your past just leads to internal discomfort and I have enough with my body. I don’t need an internal debate taking up my brainpower.

However, when I was younger… hell, until I was in my thirties, I used to say what I felt. I would let it build up inside of me until I couldn’t hold in anymore. I know that I hurt people and for the most part, I have told people I was sorry for the words that I used in anger against them. I still let things build, but I have found healthier ways to deal with my anger.

When I look back, I am utterly disappointed in myself. There are people who have disassociated themselves from me and I have no way to apologize to them. It makes me sad to know there are people out there who harbor bitterness and hatred toward me and I can’t even say I’m sorry. Maybe one day, they will read this blog and realize I am talking about them and know I am truly sorry for the words that I spewed at them.

I know I can’t go back and change anything, but I have grown from those experiences so maybe I was meant to have them. I no longer feel the need to be hateful. When I am hurt or disappointed, I turn to the people who are closest too me and I talk to God. I know that God, Woobie and my Mom would never steer me in the wrong direction. It’s nice to have a good support group.

Now, if they had support groups for kitties who like yarn.

Peace, Love and Happiness (Apologies)