What the hell has happened to this world? Today there was a school shooting and it barely made a blip in the news cycle. Has society become so jaded and accustomed to shootings that it doesn’t even register?

In Kentucky, two students were killed and eighteen injured. Why didn’t our president offer condolences to the families involved in this shooting? The person who did the shooting was not an immigrant so of course he didn’t say a word. His press secretary mentioned in during the press briefing, but it was hardly the most important news. You can bet if the shooter (who by the way was only 15) was a person with brown skin he would have blasted across twitter “we need a wall.”

There are 21 families who are dealing with life and death but it barely made the radar on the news. I found about on twitter, it wasn’t on the television where I am. (LINK)

Speaking of our president, the title of this blog post is dedicated to him. How many times have you heard him say “CNN” and “Fake News” in the same sentence? He has said it multiple times on Twitter.

I took these screen shot straight from Donald Trump’s Twitter page. The top two images are from today and the bottom two are from Jan. 07, 2018.

The president is going to get someone killed. Today an unstable Trump supporter decided he was going to take care of the”Fake CNN” and commit mass murder of the fake news people.

This man made twenty-two threatening telephone calls to CNN, according the FBI. He also made racial slurs against people of color and Jewish people. (LINK)

This president needs to understand that there are people who take his word as truth and will hurt and kill people that he attacks on Twitter. Is the president above the law? If this man had made it into CNN in Atlanta and hurt people would the president have to answer for it?

I used to hide my feeling about the president but I can no longer be silent. If I remain silent, I become complicit in the bad happens in this world.  As a Christian woman, I must do as Jesus would do. I do not intend to stand by and watch the poor, sick, or elderly be hurt by this administration. We all need to stand up for what is right!

I want you to think about it. Really, think about it. Would Jesus kick immigrants out of our country? Would he just say “see ya!” Would he send people who have been here for four decades back to a country they don’t know for doing something as a teenager? (LINK)

Would Jesus destroy water and food left for immigrants crossing the desert? Why is border patrol destroying water and food? They aren’t supposed to do that. So why are they doing it? They also arrested an activist with No More Deaths right after they released video of border patrol dumping water left for immigrants. To me it seems like border patrol is becoming like gestapo.

I fear that our country is taking turns that Germany has taken in its past and that frightens me. What’s next?

Well, I’m going to close this here.

Peace, Love & Kitty Snuggles,



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