I am married to an upstanding, wonderful and caring man who I love very much. I love my fathers (yes, both of them) with all my heart and soul. I realize there are men our there who are amazing, and some feel they are getting trampled on by the me-too movement. This is not directed at you. I see you and I know you are out there and I am not aiming this at you. However, I need to talk about this.

This is a hard topic for me to write about. I am part of the #metoo movement. I had someone take a part of me that they were not entitled too. I am thankful that I had a therapist and family who helped me get through the worst of it. But that’s not what I really want to talk about tonight.

This meme landed in my timeline on Facebook and I knew that I had to write about this. These are the men and women who want to be in charge of this country. When it comes to rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment this stuff needs to change.


(LINK) to snopes, where you can see how the people in the meme walked back their words by saying they were misquoted, or they didn’t understand the question asked or it was a joke. Why would anyone joke about rape?

It sure makes it seem like the people who want to oversee this country don’t really don’t seem like they want things to change. They talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk.

Earlier today Paul Ryan tweeted:


He has also said that he believes the women who came forward against Roy Moore (who has not conceded his loss to Doug Jones), but he has never said anything about the 20 women who have come out about being allegedly sexually assaulted and in one case raped by Donald Trump. He didn’t need Roy Moore in congress, but he needs Trump.

Why is it that Al Franken was pressured to resign and yet we have many republicans caught up in scandals for which they have not resigned? Barrack Obama was the first president in modern times that did not have any scandals.

Let’s start at the top and move our way down the list of lawmakers who have scandals trailing them, yet the feel it is fine for them to remain in power.

(LIINK) Donald Trump has had 19 women come forward to accuse him from sexual assault to rape. Women have come forward to say he fondled them under their clothes, he also kissed some of the women without asking first, the worst is that allegedly raped a14 year old girl. It makes me sick that this man is running our country. Who is there protect the young women who work in the white house? Just recently the entire world found out about his alleged affair with Stormy Daniels. Who leaves their newborn child to go have sex with someone who is not your partner? It just pisses me off. I have vowed to not bash Malania, because we have no idea what her life is like behind closed doors. If he could rape his first wife what is there to stop it happening to his third wife?

Next up is Roy Moore, when he was running for congress multiple women came forward to allegedly accuse him of sexual assault and sexual advances when they were teenagers and he was in this thirty. Why did the GOP continually to back this child predator? Why did Trump throw his weight behind this man?

Al Franken should have known better to keep his hands and lips to his self. There is no excuse for sexual harassment. He was accused of grabbing a woman while she slept on a plane. The one thing he got right was he apologized right away.

Across capital hill accusations of sexual harassment is widespread. For example, In Colorado, two law makers have been accused of sexual advancement. In Arizona nine women have accuse a republican law maker of sexual harassment.  (LINK)

In Pennsylvania state democrats had to pay out $248,000 to settle a case of sexual harassment. (LINK)

If these men are left to continue to do what they are doing, it shows people that with enough money you can do what you want to them by thowing money at the problem.

As I talked to my mother this evening, we were trying to figure out what the common denominator with all of these people. There are two that we came up with. They are rich, and they have the ability to lie without batting an eyelash.

So, in closing, I want to tell you all to stay safe. Carry something to protect yourself and remember you don’t have to harassment from anyone. If you are a young person, let an adult know, if you are an adult, don’t be afraid to come forward. There are so many of us who will be your strength. Goodnight!

Peace, love, & Kitty Snuggles.



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