I’ve changed. I used to think that me voting was me doing my civic duty and I left it at that. I lived in my little bubble with my happy marriage, good life and I was happy. Then my eyes were opened by the people I met, and I knew that I couldn’t live in my little bubble any longer. My being happy is great, but when I looked at the people around me I saw that people just like me were being treated so very wrong.

As a Christian woman, I know that it isn’t my job to judge those around me, and I know trying to live like Jesus it is only right to help those around me. Jesus was a friend to all. When I was a kid, I was taught that we ALL God’s children. It isn’t up to me or you to choose who is God’s child. So, why would people not be welcome in any church? On Facebook, I watched a video made by a minister and he talked about how he was asked by a person of color if he would be welcomed in his church. The minister was taken aback by the question. The minister said of course he would be welcome in his church. I can’t wrap my mind around people not being welcome in a church. Everyone is welcome in God’s church. It doesn’t matter if you are black, white, pink or purple. It doesn’t matter if you are gay, straight, transgender or nonbinary, everyone is welcome in God’s church. Just as everyone being welcome in God’s church, I am friend to everyone. Heck, I might even try to befriend Donald Trump, but I don’t think he would like me.

I believe that we should do everything we can to help those who are disenfranchised. Why does Paul Ryan and some republicans want to take Social Security, Welfare, Medicare and Medicaid away from people? The republicans like to call these entitlements, but my husband is taxed for Social Security and Medicare in every paycheck, which means he is paying into Social Security and Medicare. These truly are not entitlements. Every job you and I have had, we have been taxed, so why do they insist on calling them entitlements. I think they use the words entitlements to confuse people. If they say they are taking entitlements away it sounds like they are taking something away from people who don’t deserve it, but we paid into it, so technically it belongs to us.

The people who are living on Social Security and Medicare are retirees and disabled. (LINK) My parents are retired, and they live on Social Security and they pay for health insurance. If they didn’t have my father’s retirement, they wouldn’t be able to live on what they make. It’s a myth that a person who lives on Social Security are raking in the bucks. I promise you, it is far from the truth. Keep in mind, if a person lives in a nursing home, more than likely their entire Social Security check goes to the nursing home. My best friend, had a family member living in a nursing home after a stroke and all but $40 was taken by the nursing home. Anything that his family member needed came from my best friend buying it. There wasn’t anything left after the nursing home got paid.

The poverty rate of senior citizens fell from 35% to 10% most likely to Social Security which was enacted in 1935. (LINK) If Paul Ryan and the republicans are able to take away Social Security and Medicaid where does that leave the senior citizens? If you think it won’t affect you, one day you will be sixty-five and eligible for Social Security. If that safety net goes away, it may get to the point where people will never be able to retire. The current age of retirement is 66 but for those born after 1960 the age of retirement is 67 and it will continue to increase to the point that people won’t be able to retire.

Did you know that Paul Ryan received Social Security Disability from age 16 to 18 after his father passed away at age 55 from a heart attack? Young people who have a parent pass away shouldn’t have to struggle financially. These children suffer enough losing a parent why would you want to take this away from someone? (LINK)

Paul Ryan (LINK) wants to get rid of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and SNAP to decrease the deficit of this country. Why did the deficit not matter when they passed his tax act that benefits the rich? It added 1.4 TRILLION dollars to the deficit.  Right now, people may be happy getting a bonus, but the day will come when the bonuses are gone and taxes for us increase. The people who own planes get a tax break on the amount they pay to companies for maintenance, storage, fueling and even when they want to hire pilots and a crew onboard. (LINK) But, if you are a middle class American, your taxes will increase by 2027.

I know it seems like companies giving their employees a $1000 bonus sounds great, but a $1000 can go really fast. Companies, like Walmart, are only giving the full thousand dollars to people who have worked there for twenty years or more. They say they are raising the starting wage to $11 an hour, but they are cutting 1000 corporate jobs and they are closing 63 Sam’s Clubs across the country. It seems like those tax cuts for corporations and the rich are coming with a huge cost to regular people like you and me. (LINK)

So, what can we do to help those around us who are disenfranchised in some way?

We can stand up when we see racism. Don’t be afraid to tell those around us who being racist that you don’t want racism around you. If you pay attention, you will see it all around you. Make it clear that you don’t want it happening around you. The Oregon bakery that refused to make a cake for a gay wedding was fined and I am happy about it.  If they are a bakery then they should be a bakery for everyone or don’t open a bakeshop. We are all God’s children. Being a Christian should not be used as a weapon against other people. Jesus loves us all. Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so. It isn’t Jesus love me, but not you or you or you. Don’t be afraid to use your voice.

I can scream from here, but Paul Ryan and the other people who run our government won’t hear me, so I must make them hear in other ways.

  • Register to vote. (LINK) (LINK) If you don’t like what is happening in our country vote those in charge OUT!
  • Check to make sure you are registered to vote. (LINK)
  • Find out who you representatives are. (LINK)
  • Who are my senators? (LINK)
  • Don’t just vote in presidential elections, vote in local elections too. Change starts at home. (LINK)
  • Get involved in the election process. Lick stamps, mail postcard and help at the polls. (LINK)
  • Join twitter and talk with like minded people. It helps, I promise. Find me on Twitter.
  • Join in local marches. I went to my first Women’s March this year and it was great.
  • Get out and meet the people running for office. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Call Washington!!! I cannot express this enough, make your voice heard. 202.224.3121. (LINK)
  • Write Washington!! (LINK)

Well, I think this is long enough for today. I thank you if you made it to the end. Please if you need help getting in touch with those who represent you, send me a message on the contact page. I promise to help as much as I can. It is important that every voice be heard. We are #StrongerTogether.

Peace, Love & Kitty Snuggles,




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