There are so many things I want to write about tonight. I want to write about the Russian’s who were allowed entry into the United States, even though one of the people has sanctions against them, but that will have to wait till another post. I also want to write about the FISA application memo that the Republicans and Devin Nunes want to release, but I am waiting to see if they release it. On Rachael Maddow, she mentioned that the memo may be redacted, so we will have to see what it says if they release it. The FBI has released a statement concerning the memo and if you want to read it, click this (LINK)

So, are you curious what that leaves me to write about? I want to talk about the republicans who are fleeing Washington. The latest number of republicans not seeking re-election three senators and thirty-four members of congress. Why are there so many leaving office? (LINK)

The latest member who announced they will not run again was Trey Gowdy of South Carolina. The rumor mill says he is running for a judicial position, but I can’t say for sure, so we will have to keep an eye on Mr. Gowdy.

There have been members of our government who have left office early or are leaving for less than stellar reasons, such as Blake Farenthold of Texas. Mr. Farenthold was sued by a former staffer after she was fired. The former staffer accused him of gender discrimination and saying he created a hostile work environment. He settled the case for $84,000 using taxpayer money.  Mr. Farenthold will not be running for re-election.

But, with so many members leaving in the same year gives me reason to pause. Why are they leaving? Are they leaving because working with Donald Trump has become unbearable? Are they afraid that Mr. Mueller might be getting close to concluding his business? Are they afraid that they might be taken down with the sinking ship and it’s best to get out before hand? Are they afraid that the public has reached their breaking point and there is no point in running for re-election? I think it might be a combination of it all.

It seems like everyday there is someone leaving the Trump administration. Today the latest person to resign was CDC Director Brenda Fitzgerald. She resigned after a report of her buying tobacco shares which could be a potential conflict of interest. (LINK)

Again, this gives me reason to pause. So many people have been fired or resigned from the Trump administration. Why does this administration have a problem with keeping staff? We are only 377 days into this administration and so many people are jumping ship. But I want to know why!

I guess though if I had Donald Trump as a boss, I might not want to stay either. According to the Washington Post, Trump made false or misleading facts 2,140 times in his first year. I wouldn’t want to work for a liar. (LINK)

Sorry to end on a negative note but I’m feeling a bit negative tonight and I really just need some kitty snuggles.

Peace, Love & Kitty Snuggles,



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