If you are a follower of any social media you see repeatedly that Donald Trump has Alzheimer disease or dementia, but in my honest opinion he has neither. Donald Trump believes he is a shrewd business man and refuses to admit his was a trust fund baby. In his words, “my father gave me a small loan of one million dollars.” Donald Trump has filed for bankruptcy six times, which in my mind proves he is not such a shrewd business man.

I also believe that Donald Trump is a very lazy man unless he is on a golf course. He spent 111 days on vacation during his first year in office. It has been reported that his first morning meetings do not start until 11am and he takes his last meeting at 3pm. It has also been reported that he takes executive time before and after lunch which is spent between the residence and the oval office.

So, why am I telling you this? I believe that Donald Trump is greedy and lazy. I don’t believe he ever really wanted to be president. I believe he like touring the country where he was met with applause and women who would gladly let him grab them by the genitals. (LINK) He believes he is a great star because he got famous saying “You’re Fired,” to people. So why wouldn’t he love traveling the country and meeting the people who loved the many racist words that tumbled out of his mouth?

Then, the Russians stepped in and decided they wanted him in charge, so they could mess with our democracy. I believe that Trump knew completely about the Russian meddling. Allegedly, Eric Trump bragged that they had access to 100 million dollars in Russian money. Of course, now he is saying that he never said that.

Here we have greedy and lazy Donald Trump and the Russians. I think Putin told Trump that he needed to keep running for president because if he stopped, there would be an end to the Russian money train. No bank in the US wants to touch Donald Trump due to repeatedly declaring bankruptcy and that he doesn’t like to pay back money he borrows. He would rather sue you than pay you back.

Then the Russians stepped in and made sure Trump was elected president. The Russians and I believe with the help of Trumps son-in-law planted deceiving information all over Facebook and Twitter. Both companies and Google have said they are fighting against Russian meddling. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were able to hack into electronic voting machines and make the votes change toward Donald Trump.

Now that Trump is president because the Russians put him there, so they could meddle with our democracy. We are seeing him become more and more like a dictator each day he is in office. He doesn’t seem to care if the Nunes memo hurts the FBI officials or the agents who are in the field working. He doesn’t care if intelligent community information gets into the wrong hands. He has let Russians into the oval office and allowed their photographers in to take pictures, yet he kept out photographers from our own country. He has tried to make the media and members of the media enemies of the United States. It seems like he wants all the press to do nothing but sing his praises.

Again, just recently Sergey Naryshkin, head of the Russian Spy Service SVE was granted entry into the US despite having sanctions against him. While he was here he had talks with Dan Coats of the CIA and other intelligent agencies. We would have not known he and two others were in the country without a Tweet from the Russian Embassy. Chuck Schumer demanded that the administration come clean and answer questions. He also told reporters, is Naryshkin’s visit the reason for the Trump administration not implementing the sanctions against Russia?

Do you see what I am getting at? I believe that Russia is using Trump to do whatever they want here in the United States and Trump is greedy enough to go along with it. But then where does that leave Trump and the republicans?

Trump has changed his party many times and became a republican again in 2012. I believe the republicans in office are using him just like the Russians. The republicans used him to pass their tax break for the rich and I believe he was glad to do it because in his mind this was hurting the poor and in his mind the poor are any color other than white. Think back to when Trump did not want to say anything against David Duke the former grand wizard of the KKK. I believe that Donald Trump is very much like his father in the respect that he dislikes anyone who isn’t white. Donald’s father was arrested at a KKK rally.

Paul Ryan has been trying to take away any assistance that will help those in need since he was in college so that lines right up with Trump and Putin. With the three of them running this country, we are in for a bumpy ride. I can only hope that we can flip the many seats in the House that are up for election, especially those with people who are retiring or deciding not to run for whatever reason. With democrats in office, hopefully we can stop the attacks against our democracy and things can get back to some semblance of normalcy.

Peace, Love and Kitty Snuggles,






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