There are quite a few things I want to talk about so, please bear with me.

Our country is on track to hit the debt ceiling sooner than expected because of the Trump tax cuts. The Trump tax cuts have generated less revenue for the Treasury Department. The IRS released the new withholding tables, which means companies will withhold less taxes, which in turn the government will see 10 to 15 billion dollars less in tax revenue each month. (LINK) (LINK)

The Trump tax cuts are a win for companies and not so much for individual people Our tax cuts will expire but the tax cuts for companies do not expire. So, after Trump is out of office, his companies will continue to gain due to what he is doing in office now. I know people want to believe that Trump has the country’s best interest at heart but when you consume as much political information as I do, it tells a different story, which is why I write this blog. I want everyday people like me and you to be informed. If you want to read a prime example of this, give this a read. The Trump tax cuts are a $6,000,000,000 gift to Exxon. (LINK)

When some large companies and corporations receive the Trump tax cut, they are choosing not to hire more people or to pay higher wages, but instead they are buying back stocks or paying the CEOs and salaried employees higher wages. We have lived through this before, when Ronald Regan was president he tried this same approach and we know that trickled down economics do NOT work. The people at the top do not want to share with those at the bottom. If they did, we would not have members of congress trying to appease their donors and they would be working to help their constituents. Lindsey Graham admitted in November 2017 that if they didn’t pass the Trump tax reform the donors would stop contributions to the GOP. (LINK)

Today the DOW dropped -1,600 which is the biggest fall in a single day before rebounding some and closing at -1,175. Donald Trump has repeatedly in the past taken credit for the DOW being at record levels even though they were on the rise during President Obama’s time in office, but there hasn’t been a word uttered Friday or today. I believe there are a lot of things that are factoring into the drop, such as them impending government shutdown, that there has been no effort on Donald Trumps part to reach an agreement on the DACA recipients and that people are figuring out that the Trump tax cuts weren’t not really meant to help everyday Americans, but to help companies, corporations and the 1%.

The House Intelligence Committee voted unanimously to release the democratic rebuttal memo to the Nunes memo. The memo will now move to the office of the president and he will have five days to make his decision. If it has the same time frame as the Nunes memo, we should see the memo by Friday, with one difference. Adam Schiff has asked that the Justice Department and the FBI go over the memo. So, I am hoping that we see the memo on Friday. I cannot wait to see the difference between the two memos. I will be printing it out if I am able and I promise to share what I learn. Donald Trump seems to feel that the Nunes memo has cleared him completely from the Mueller investigation, so I can’t wait to see what he has to say. My one fear which I heard today on MSNBC is that Donald Trump can redact the memo and twist the words we read, but we will have to wait and see.

My question to you, do you think if Donald Trump refuses to release the democratic/Schiff memo it will show that he is guilty of colluding with Russia? Or obstruction of justice?

I find it a tad creepy when Trump refers to himself in third person…


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While we are on the subject of memos, the former CIA Director John Brennan criticized House Intelligence Committee leader Devin Nunes saying he abused his office by releasing his memo. He said that republicans on the committee charge that law enforcement officers improperly omitted political motivations for a request for FISA warrant monitoring of Carter Page a former Trump campaign adviser.


One last thing to write and I promise I will close this for the day. Today Donald Trump said to the crowd in Ohio that the democrats who didn’t give him a standing ovation or clap during the State of the Union were committing treason. Treason is not something to be joked about. We are facing more and more moments when some of the stuff Trump has done is treasonous. If we find out for sure he conspired with Russia to win the election, I think that would be treason and he should be tried in court and then spend the rest of his days in jail.

We know for sure that Russia hacked the DNC and the RNC, but only Mrs. Clinton’s emails were released. What happened to those RNC emails? Is Donald Trump and Russia blackmailing the GOP? I would like to know what happened with those email. Also, we know that Russia was able to hack into voting databases, but our government hasn’t done anything to protect our voting information. Will the Russians try to influence the elections in November? Is that why we have so many republicans stepping down and out of office? Your guess is as good as mine.

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