No Trump Wall!

Today I heard some things that pissed me off. It’s time we stop giving John Kelly a pass because of his military service. When he says something racist, it’s time for an old man to learn or get out of the way. How dare he say that the reason only 690,000 dreamers enrolled for DACA is because immigrants are lazy. What a lousy thing to say. I know that Kelly has a tough job of wrangling his 70somethiing toddler, but he took that job and he’s stuck with it. We can see that it is taking a toll on Kelly, but he shouldn’t take it out on DACA recipients.

If I was an immigrant, I am not sure I would enroll in DACA right now either. How do we know that the Trump regime won’t take this list and turn it into an easy way to pick up immigrants? I don’t trust Donald Trump on iota. Trump was right to pick John Kelly, he is as racist as Trump is. They are like two little ignorant peas in a pod.

I have started calling it the Trump regime because he wants to have a military parade in Washington. He wants military equipment sent to Washington for his military parade, but the military aren’t sure how they would pay for it. Of course, Donald Trump doesn’t think about the money part. He sees the country as money bags and he can spend it how he wants, and our country will have to borrow money. Donald Trump builds something with his company then he will refuse to pay the people who he contracts with. He will keep it going in court until the person/company runs out of money or is forced to declare bankruptcy. Or Trump will declare bankruptcy and walk away again. What’s another bankruptcy to this man? He can’t borrow money in the US, so he just goes to his best buddy Putin and asks for cash. Then we end up paying for it with our democracy.

Donald Trump seems awfully excited to see the government shut down once again. He gets to sneak off and play golf while the rest of the government scrambles around trying to figure everything out. He is holding DACA recipients hostage for his stupid border wall. Senators Coons and McCain were working on an immigration bill that did not fund the wall. It did talk about funding research into border security, but no funding for the Trump regime wall. Trump considered it dead the moment he heard it didn’t have funding for his wall. I would like to say the reason Trump wants his wall, but I think it would not be safe for those who are at work, so I will just say small mans disease. Trump wants the funding for this wall so that after he is drug kicking and screaming out of the White House there will always be something left of Donald Trump. This isn’t when we should be building wall, this is when we should be actively working to get the Trump regime out of office.  #RESIST #StongerTogether #NoWall #MyHeartHasNoBorders #DumpTrump #KissKellyGoodbye

I’m sorry this blog is on the short side, but tomorrow is another day. I went to the gym today for the first time in forever and my body feels like it has been run over by a tank.

Peace, Love & Kitty Snuggles,



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