The next few blogs will be of the same content. As a person who has suffered sexual abuse I can only handle so much in a day, but I want you to hear these women tell their story in their own voice. I am looking for interviews with the women who allege that Donald Trump has been inappropriate with them. Some of the interviews, I have found on YouTube, so you can hear the women themselves and some such as with Ivana Trump, she was made recant her statement, I will have to write their statements. There are other women who have come forward but chose to remain anonyms and I will find what I can.

I want to help give these women some due process if I can. Donald Trump has left a path of destruction behind him and these women deserve to be heard and I pray that people keep talking about it, because Trump thinks he can do what he wants and gets away with it.

Donald Trump’s lawyer believes that a sitting president cannot be sued in state court, but I think it’s high time for that to change. Bill Clinton was impeached for consensual sex, but here sits Trump…

Donald Trump has shown us all who he really is, and I find it disturbing the evangelical Christians have no issue with what he has said and done. Christians are supposed to love, help and respect everyone, but some sure have lost their way…

Even though Donald Trump apologized for what he said on the bus, since becoming president he has been heard wondering “if the video tape was doctored.” However, Bully Bush who lost his job because of this video has said it is Donald Trump speaking. He thought it was like watching a stand-up routine and that what Trump was saying could not be real. Now however, he believes the women who have come forward.

IVANA TRUMP (1989)     

The allegation appeared in a sworn deposition made by Ivana Trump reported in the 1993 book Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald J. Trump, by Harry Hurt III.

According to Lost Tycoon, Ms Trump accused him of rape after he allegedly attacked her in a “violent assault”.

He is alleged to have ripped off her clothes to have sex with her.

The book claims she told her friends: “He raped me.”

Donald Trump’s Lawyer, Michael Cohen says “You cannot rape your spouse. And there’s very clear case law.” Donald Trump may want to get a new lawyer. In the 1970’s some states started making cases for marital rape and all 50 states marital rape became illegal in 1993.

I want you to hear the women themselves, so I will let them speak for themselves.



The three ladies above filed their allegations in court.



I think I will end today’s blog here. It’s a lot to take in. I promise I will try to make it through all the women I have found. So far, I have 22 names to research.

I hope that each of these women have their day in court and get their due process.

Peace, Love & Kitty Snuggles,



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