Today’s blog is about gun violence and the school shooting that happened yesterday. If you find this topic sensitive, please feel free to click away. I promise I won’t be upset. Please come back tomorrow and I will get back to my normal posting. Thank you. (Click Here for a Cute Kitty Picture.)

I am so angry. Why do kids have to be hurt and killed because our government chooses not to pass sensible gun control legislation. The members of the senate and congress and Donald Trump are under the thumb of the NRA.

Today the NRA retweeted a tweet about buying your Valentine a hand gun instead of chocolate. They removed the tweet after the shooting today in Florida. (LINK)

The newest NRA tv commercial has a man with a shirt that says, “Socialist Tears” and he takes a sledge hammer to a television that is playing news clips from main stream media. I guess taking gun to a television that is showing news anchors doing their jobs would be over the line. However, that doesn’t stop people who see this stuff taking a gun and shooting others. The NRA doesn’t care about those killed in shooting. After a mass shooting there is a boost in gun sales and that’s what speaks to the NRA. (LINK)

After a mass shooting we see law makers on television say that they are sending thoughts and prayers, but what is that doing for the people who have been senselessly killed? Absolutely NOTHING! As a Christian woman, I do pray for the families who have to deal with these senseless tragedies, but they don’t know I’m praying for them. What does one woman praying in Texas mean to a family who is suffering due to a kid getting a gun and shooting up his school? This should have never happened. This kid should never have been able to get his hands on a gun in the first place. How did a 19-year-old get his hands on a variant of an AR-15 that would have cost around $850?

In Florida one can get a gun through a private sale without a background check. Without a background check and registration of all guns, we have no idea who has guns and who does not and to me that is a very scary thing. I think if we are going to continue to have a gun culture in the United States, ALL guns need to be registered and we need to run background checks on everyone who owns a gun.

I was taught to shoot a gun by my father, and I had to take and pass the hunters education class and exam offered by the local gun club. I know how to handle a weapon and I know how to keep them out of the hands of kids. Parents need to lock up guns.

A quick google search will show you which of our lawmakers take money from the NRA and in Florida, Marco Rubio is the person who has taken the most money in 2016. (LINK) And yet he will toss out prayer and thoughts to the families and continue to take money from the NRA which is why there is no serious gun legislation in this country. Our senators, congressmen and our president are in the pocket of the NRA and that’s how the NRA likes it.

I am going to stop here for now, I am getting more and more angry as I type and that’s not good for my health and mental health, which we need to stop stigmatizing people who need help with their issues. If this country would offer mental health without it costing so much, maybe this would happen so much.

Peace, Love & Kitty Snuggles, (I’m going to give some love to my cat.)







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