I wrote this blog about a week or so ago so I would have something ready in case I was sick or unable to post, but I think this fits with what is happening right now. I cannot imagine the hospital bills of the survivors of the school shooting. Well, I can imagine, I spent weeks in the hospital and it’s way to expensive. I will continue on Monday with the posts of Due Process. Have a blessed weekend and be safe.

My husband and I have good health insurance through the company he works for. When we were at the doctor’s office for yearly physicals, I spoke with the woman at the front desk about our insurance (there were changes that I needed help understanding) and she told me we have “really decent insurance.” I trust her, she would know. She sees the insurance of every person who walks through the door.

Even with our insurance, we sometimes have issues affording all the medication that I am on. We are fortunate my dear hubby is pretty healthy and only takes a multi vitamin for men. I on the other hand take nine different pills and two types of insulin. No, losing weight or changing my diet will make my diabetes go away. My pancreas stopped working ten years ago.

**Side note** When you see someone giving themselves a shot of insulin, don’t tell your children that if they eat too much sugar they will end up like me. Or if you want to threaten your kids with diabetes, do it so the person taking the shot won’t hear you. It happened to me. I refuse to hide when I take an insulin shot. Diabetes is just something that happened to me, I didn’t ask God to make me sick.

My father is diabetic also, and he pays even more than I do for insulin. With my long acting insulin, I get a yearly discount card from the company and I pay $25 for it. My father is not eligible for the discount card because he has Medicare, which they pay for. I don’t understand why having Medicare makes him ineligible for a damn discount card. My parents also pay for insurance on top of paying for Medicare and it just makes me feel like our government doesn’t give a damn about the elderly.

My father and I take the same fast acting insulin for which there is no discount card. If you have type two diabetes you are eligible for a discount card, but us with type one can’t have the discount card. Without insurance, the insulin I take is $607 per month, with my insurance, I get it for $64 a month. However, in December I received a letter from my insurance company and they said they would no longer cover my Novolog insulin and I was forced to go on this insulin and I pay $39 more a month because of the switch. Why is the insurance company choosing what medication I need instead of my doctor? My father received the same letter from Medicare also and was forced to switch insulin.

I also rely on discount card for one of my other prescriptions. I am thankful for companies who give discounts to the people who rely on their medications to live. I wish more companies would rethink the prices of their medications. It sucks that my medication comes out to the same amount we pay for rent each month.

I am scared now that the individual mandate has been repealed that healthy people will decide they don’t need health insurance and the only people left with insurance will be those who are elderly and sick people. We are already being gouged by the pharmaceutical industry and insurance companies, but the price of trying to just stay alive will continue to rise.

My one piece of advice is to keep your health insurance. You may be healthy right now, but what happens if you wake up one day and find out you have been in a coma for six weeks? It happened to me. My husband was able to get us help with the Health Department in Florida, but we were left with a hospital bill that was over two million dollars. I thank God that Florida helped with part of that bill. So, keep your health insurance it may one day save your life.

Peace, Love and Kitty Snuggles,






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