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Right now I am listening to Wayne LaPierre the CEO of the NRA give a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference and I swear I can feel my blood pressure rise. I am finding out things about the National Rifle Association that I find absolutely unbelievable. Today I learned that the NRA is a tax-exempt social welfare organization under section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the “Code”), does not pay taxes on any of its net income. (LINK) Can someone tell me why the NRA pays no taxes on its net income?  (CLICK HERE TO WATCH HIS SPEECH)

According to Wikipedia Wayne LaPierre income in 2015 was $5,051,249. I guess we see where a lot of NRA membership dues go too. He says, “The elites don’t care not one whit about America’s school system and schoolchildren.” So what makes a person an elite? Making $5 million dollars a year? Appearing on t.v.? The NRA has their own t.v. now, NRAtv. LaPierre is one of the stars. So would that make him an elite? Maybe I don’t realize it, but am I elite? No, I’m not elite, I care about the kids, that why I don’t want assault weapons anywhere near kids. A teenager should not be able to walk into a gun store and walk out 10 minutes later with an AR-15.

I am curious why the Conservative Political Action Conference did not put Wayne LaPierre on the list of speakers? Whenever there is a school shooting or a mass shooting the NRA goes silent for a week and when they come back into the light they carry on like nothing has happened. LaPierre’s speech at CPAC was meant to incite anger in his crowd. He said more than once that people like me are “European socialist” that want to take away the first and second amendments. He is trying to continue the divide in the country. I am a Democrat who does not want to take away the first and second amendments, but I do want stop kids dying in school.

According to Wayne LaPierre, it is your God-given right to have guns. Except, I do not remember that anywhere in the Bible. Jesus didn’t carry a gun, did he? Maybe God was packing heat when he was creating the world? Maybe on the 7th day instead of resting, he went out hunting the animals he just created? Wayne LaPierre, in my opinion, is a foolish idiot. He says the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, so I guess, you get a gun, you get a gun, you and you get a gun. (Oprah style of everyone gets a gun)

So let’s examine what he is saying, shall we? LaPierre and Trump want to arm teachers. Will the teachers be required to wear them in a holster on their side or will they be locked in a gun safe in the classroom? Where will the money come from to buy guns and for the training that teachers will need? Teachers are already paying for classroom supplies with their own money and now they cannot even claim it on their taxes. So, back to the armed teacher. I am assuming they will be armed with a pistol of some sort and not an AR-15 strapped to their back. So the bad guy comes into the classroom and opens fire. Do you want the teacher fumbling for a gun that may be in a gun safe or trying to protect your kids? Of if they have the gun as a sidearm, they are reaching for their gun instead of protecting your kids while the person with the AR is shooting up the room.

Today I read an article about a third grader firing the weapon of a police officer, while the officer had it in his holster. My question is why was the safety not on? How did this little boy manage to get his hands on the officers gun while the gun was still on the officer? This is a policeman who is trained to have a weapon and a child was able to fire his gun. There were no kids harmed when the gun went off. (CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE) Now think of your kid’s teacher wearing a sidearm. Classrooms are overcrowded and what if the teacher is distracted and your child manages to fire the gun in the classroom? What if your child fired the teacher’s weapon and hurt or killed another child? Who is to blame? Are you going to have to sign a waiver at your child’s school saying that you can’t sue the school or the teacher? If that happens, you are on the hook for any harmed children. Do you still want weapons in the classroom? What happens if a gunman comes to the classroom and he has already decided he wanted to die. We have all heard about suicide by cop, but now it becomes suicide by teacher. Now that teacher and your kids who have to witness this happen will live with this nightmare for the rest of their lives. I think arming teachers is a terrible idea, the NRA is going to do their best to make sure it happens. The NRA has already bought our President and GOP politicians. The NRA and their associates spent over $50 million in advertisements in the last general elections. The money was used to boost Republicans who promised to support them and targeted Democrats who want stricter gun laws. Donald Trump told the NRA that they had a “true friend” in the White House (CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO TRUMP). The NRA spent a lot of money to get Trump elected. He is sticking to their talking points about how “more guns are the only thing that will help.” You have to remember the NRA are a lobbyist for gun manufacturers and they just want us to buy more guns. They don’t care about me, you or your children.

God didn’t make own a gun a God-given right. God gave us brains for a reason. He wants us to use them before we start arming teachers. What we need to do is ban assault weapons. We do not need military type weapons in our homes. We need gun control in this country. Other countries manage just fine without weapons of war. I don’t want to take away the 1st or 2nd amendment, but I do believe we need to use the brains God gave us to figure this out. It’s time for the NRA to back off. I hope and pray that Parkland was the last shooting of kids in my lifetime. It breaks my heart that these kids had to witness their friends and teachers die, but I am ever so proud of them for what they are trying to do. Like I have said before I am with these kids, I plan on marching in solidarity and I plan on voting out those who are against us. Look out Marco Rubio, those kids want you to be out of a job and I plan on helping Ted Cruz to the unemployment line.

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