On the first of March, Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a press briefing that the president would be meeting with people from the gaming industry next week. Today, according to Polygon the Entertainment Software Association received an invitation to meet with the Trump administration four days after the announcement was made by Sarah Huckabee Sanders. (LINK)

I am very curious who the Entertainment Software Association will be meeting with. This will not be the first visit to the White House. They met in January 2013 with Joe Biden as part of his Gun Violence Commission.

Donald Trump wants to blame anyone and anything for the latest mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, except guns and the National Rifle Association. The truth is you cannot ever take Trump’s word for anything. He flip-flops on just about everything.

I know I used this video yesterday, but again it is relevant to this conversation. It is Donald Trump saying to take a person’s guns first without due process.

However, according to Scott Dworkin who co-founded the Democratic Coalition has said a chief lobbyist has told him that Trump’s gun control stance is just an act and he supports the NRA and the second amendment. (LINK)


So, who are we to believe? It has been said across mainstream media time and time again, that Trump’s stance on anything goes along with whomever he spoke to last.

I am hoping that Trump meeting with people from the gaming industry will make him see that there is little connection between violence and video game playing. But, I won’t hold my breath. Donald Trump said he met with survivors and family from Parkland, Sandy Hook, and Columbine shootings that he would look into putting ratings on video games and movies, which has been done for decades. This tells me, that when it is something that does not involve Trump personally, he has little knowledge of whatever it is. You would think that he would know about ratings because of his television show, The Apprentice. I will admit I have never watched one episode, but I am aware of what the show is about. (LINK)

I am an avid gamer. I do not play as much as I used too, but my first gaming console was the Atari. I then got a Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genisis, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Game Cube, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo DS. My husband and I currently own and use Super Nintendo Classic Edition, Nintendo 64, Nintendo WiiU, Xbox, 2 PS3s, PS4, Nintendo 3DS and a PlayStation Vita. We both own gaming computers and I have a gaming laptop. My husband and  I actually met in a video game called Dark Age of Camelot, so you can say, yes we game. My husband and I both play online MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) and neither one of us is violent in any way shape or form.

Christopher Ferguson, a psychology professor at Stetson University in Florida has said, “It’s hard to attribute video games to any kind of violence in society, we’re not able to find any evidence to support this idea.

Whitney DeCamp, a professor of sociology at Western Michigan University says, “The relationship between video games and violent behavior is insignificant and trivial. (LINK)

There are videos on YouTube where you see people acting violent and swearing while playing games, but they are not going out and shooting their peers. I have seen many videos where a person gets frustrated playing a game and will act out, but don’t we all at times act out when we are frustrated? I know since Trump was elected as president, I have sworn at least 75% more than I used too. I have dropped the F-bomb in conversations, but I am not going out and acting violently.

I am just hoping that the people from the gaming industry will convince Trump that gaming is a good outlet for people and that they show him we actually do have ratings on movies and games.

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