As I am writing this, it is Thursday evening and International Women’s day. I wanted to write about a few women in my life that have helped shape the woman I have become and I thought it would be good to end the week on a positive note.

My mom is the strongest woman I know. Her life hasn’t always been roses and rainbows, but through it all, she stood strong and it taught me that I could be strong no matter what life decided to throw at me.

Every time my body has decided to betray me, (coma and cancer) she was by my side day after day. She came to me every time I needed her. She is strong for me and my sisters.

My mom raised three girls on her own before she married my step-father and one of my favorite Christmas’ was when it was my mom and us girls. We went for a walk in the snow to look at Christmas light and it was a very special time for us.

Mom, thank you for being my mom. I love you.

My older sister is another strong woman who helped shape me into the woman I am today. My older sister and I are only one year apart, so we pretty much did everything together. My mother even dressed us alike when we were kids. I followed my sister everywhere when we were young.

She and I had our fair share of disagreements when we got a bit older and we could say mean things to each other, but if you were mean to me or mistreated me in any way, my sister was coming at you. It didn’t matter who you were.

When we were young, the school we attended was very strict about the lunch room. Once you were finished eating,  you had to put your head down and be silent. Some kids at the table I was seated at were talking and the lunchroom monitor said it was me and yanked me out of my seat and forced me to sit on the stage as a way to embarrass kids who acted up.

My sister who had lunch when I did saw the whole thing go down. She was up and out of her seat and we both ended up in the principle’s office. After my sister was done talking, the lunchroom monitor aka the “lunch lady” lost her job.

Thank you, (older) sister for being my protector and for being there when I need to talk. Thank you for being you. You are an amazing and strong woman, please don’t ever change.

My baby sister. 😊 She’s not a baby sister anymore, she is so freaking strong I believe she could pick the world up and hold it on her shoulders.

My baby sister and I are best friends. It doesn’t matter how many days, weeks, months or years we are apart, we pick up like we were together yesterday. She and I are very much alike, we like the same tv shows and the same video games. I am envious of her talent. She crocheted her son a T.A.R.D.I.S. blanket that one day I would like to steal.

Like me, her body has betrayed her and had to go through some stuff that has made her even stronger. Together, she and I can rule the world.

When she and I were younger, on summer vacation we would sit in front of the tv playing Mario Brothers on the Nintendo. Our choice of snacks were homemade french fries and pistachios. We had chores that were to be done before our mom got home from work and we would pause the game about thirty minutes before she would be home and rush through the chores. I miss those days.

There are a few more women who have helped me become the woman I am today and if I wrote about them all, we would be here for days. My Grandma, my mom’s mom. My aunt, her two daughters and her daughter’s daughter, who has made me so proud, by graduating college early. Miss A, you have made me so proud. My niece, Miss M. She is a beautiful college student who I am ever so proud of. I see so much of my baby sister and of myself in this girl.

Goodness, I could go on, but I will end this blog here. I hope you will let the strong women in your life know how much you love them and how much they have helped you become you.

To the women in my family, I love you all so very much!

I hope y’all have a lovely weekend. Sleep in, get some rest and I will see you back here on Monday.

Peace, Love & Kitty Snuggles,


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One thought on “INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY (belated)

  1. I know all the women in your life love you dearly also. You are someone who goes above and beyond for family, friends and strangers.❤️


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