If you have children or when you were younger, most of us were taught between right and wrong by our parents. I was taught the golden rule, “do unto others what you want them to do to you.” Or basically saying treat others how you want them to treat you.

Think about if you have kids or those nieces and nephews or friends who have kids. Dear hubby and I do not have kids but I do have a niece and two nephews. Think of them being taught to stay away from the stove or even in my case today, Mawow has decided he wants to chew on the cord for my laptop so I am teaching him to stay away from it. I say no and clap my hands to get his attention. You have to break the habits that could harm those you care about.

Around the time of the Women’s March this year, I saw a picture of a child holding a sign that said, “I am not allowed to act like the president.” As a kid, if I said half the stuff the president says on a daily basis, I probably would like the taste of soap as an adult. Seriously, would you allow your child to repeat what the president says?


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On Saturday, he attacked Chuck Todd from MSNBC. He said, “sleepy eyes, Chuck Todd. He’s a sleeping son of a bitch.” Why does he do this? Does he think it makes him more like us? I may swear, but the only people hear me do it are my dear hubby and my mother.

It has gotten to the point where kids need to be told to go play when the news is on. On the news now, they don’t always bleep out the words Trump uses. I wouldn’t want my kids to pick up one thing from this man.

During his rally, last night, which I thought was for the Republican running in PA, but Trump spoke for over an hour about himself and yes, I watched the entire thing this afternoon on YouTube. I will insert the video if you would like to watch it, but I will tell you after I finished watching it I needed to take a shower to wash that much Trump off of me. I can only handle him speaking in small doses, but today I did it all in one video.

He repeatedly went after the media which has become normal for him, but it making doing any job in journalism and I mean any job dangerous. Even with just my blog, I have had Trump supporters say some really ignorant and scary stuff to me.

He called the media fake repeatedly and pointed to the media recording his speech calling them “characters.” Again pointing out media outlets and turning his supporters against them. He then went on to praise FOX news. His supporters went wild, which tells me what station they are getting their news from.

Poor Oprah was even drug into the spotlight. Trump claims that he knows her weakness and hopes he can run against her.

What I really cannot stand is the name calling Trump does, he called Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas again, Maxine Waters’ a low IQ individual and Connor Lamb (who is the candidate from PA running against Rick Saccone) Lamb the Sham. He continued about Mr. Lamb, “I hear he’s better looking. I think I’m better looking than him. I do. I do.” I am not sure what looks have to do with an election, but it goes to show what is on Trump’s mind. He is always concerned with being the best at everything. Nobody but him can save the United States, at least in his mind.

According to Axios, Trump trashes Rick Saccone behind his back. He believes that Saccone is a weak candidate. Last night during the rally, you wouldn’t have known it was for Saccone, except for a couple of signs that people were holding. Trump only mentioned him [Saccone] a few times in the hour and fifteen-minute video. It was like watching Trump at a rally for himself. (LINK)

He boasted that his administration had done more than any first-term administration in the history of our country, which we know is a lie. I am beginning to think that Trump needs to lie and that he says the lie for himself. If he repeats a lie often enough, it becomes part of his truth. I pray that in November we can work on getting more Democrats into office so we can do something about Trump.

I am not sure how much longer I can handle him as president. I have started taking Friday and Saturday as “Trump Free” days. I do not turn on the television until the evening and I take the daytime hours for myself. I meditate or stare at the wall. (which my mom says is not healthy) I listen to music and I stay away from my computer until the evening hours to play a few games on Pogo(dot)com. The only news I will consume is on Twitter, but I don’t click any links, I just read what others are saying. I need these days so I don’t burn myself out. I understand now what people mean by getting burned out by something. If you find yourself getting to the point of burnout, it’s time to cleanse yourself from Trump. Take a few days to yourself. Mediate, take a walk, stare at a wall, think beautiful thoughts or snuggle a kitty.

Peace, Love & Kitty Snuggles,


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