I am writing this on the one-month anniversary of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School where 17 individuals lost their lives and 14 more were injured by a lone gunman. Today nearly a million students walked out of school to demand gun control by our government. These students acted without violence but made their voices clear, if something doesn’t happen now they will be voting en masse come November and I will be right beside them.

Students who will be old enough to vote in the November elections can register now. Please take your students to register. Students can find more information at

Students faced detention and suspension but still walked out of classrooms across the country. The students fell silent for 17 minutes to honor those who were killed. In Atlanta, students took a knee and bowed their heads in respect to the fallen. As 600 students at Booker T. Washington High School took a knee, the school was put into a soft-lockdown to prevent visitors and others from entering the school. I find it sad that schools have to go on lockdown to protect students as they honor other students who were killed by the lone gunman in Parkland, Florida. (LINK)

I will not use his name, he does not deserve to be famous for what he has done. I think he should just be referred to as the lone gunman, which is what I will be calling him. To be honest with you, I just want to call him a monster, but I am not the one who will judge this young man for what he has done. When I write about this young man, I get angry, so please bear with me.

According to the Daily Beast, the lone gunman was claimed by a white supremacist group who said he trained with them and he received a gun from a member. Classmates say he wore a “Make America Great Again” hat to school. On his Instagram account, there are pictures of him wearing the MAGA hat. I understand that the FBI really dropped the ball when it concerned this kid, but I am hoping they have learned something from their mistakes. I also hope and pray they are looking into the white supremacist group for being connected to this kid. (LINK)

I believe the President used the parents and kids to show that he was concerned about school shootings then promptly forgot everything he said except that arming teachers would be the way to make it all stop. He said that others were “afraid” of the NRA and that he was not and yet, he seems to be afraid of the National Rifle Association. He would not blame guns for schools shooting, but he took the time to meet with people from the gaming industry and tried to blame violence in games, but there was push-back from the gaming industry because there is not enough data to support this theory.

Of course, Trump would never blame guns because he is in the pocket of the NRA. The NRA spent millions of dollars to get Trump elected and last April he said, “The eight-year assault on your Second Amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end. You have a true friend and champion in the White House.” So why would he not protect the NRA? (LINK)

The NRA did not start out the way they are now. They were a group that supported the 2nd Amendment and when I was younger and a hunter, I was a member for a couple of years. They supported the hunters and gave money to sportsman’s clubs so they could give hunting and safety courses, which I took part in as a kid. Now the NRA, in my opinion, has become a terrorist organization. They are no longer the champion of the sportsman, instead, they are an organization who buys and sells politicians so they have people in control who will push the NRA agenda.

Today, when the students were walking out of schools to honor those who have been killed by gun violence in schools, movie theaters and concerts the NRA put out a tweet telling these kids who they really care about and it sure isn’t the kids.


Gun control is long overdue in this country. I do not want to end the 2nd Amendment, but it is time for some sensible and real gun control. I totally believe in your right to protect your family and your home, but know that if you use a gun for protection you need to know that one day you may have to take a life. If you aren’t prepared to take someone’s life, do not buy a gun for protection. Heaven forbid someone does break into your home or attacks you and you freeze up with a gun in your hand. The person who has come into your home may just take your own gun and kill you with it. Are you ready to be killed by the gun you bought and paid for with your hard earned money? These are serious questions you need to ask yourself.

Donald Trump may want guns in our schools, but more guns cannot be the answer. Just in this past week, and I mean this week and as I am writing it is only Wednesday there have been two accidental shootings in two schools. In California, a teacher accidentally fired his gun into the ceiling and injured three students. (LINK) (LINK) In Virginia, a school resource officer accidentally fired his weapon in a middle school. There were no injuries, but there could have been. (LINK) (LINK) In both cases, the accidental shooter was a member of the police department. If this can happen to officers, imagine what can happen with people who are not trained police officers. If I had children there is no way I would let my child attend a school with an armed teacher.

Parents, if you have guns in your home, please be responsible with those guns. Make sure they are locked up tight where your children cannot get to them. When I hear of children being killed by guns, it makes me so angry. When I hear that a child has killed another child with a gun that should have been locked up, I think I parents need to be brought up on charges. Our President, Congress, and Senate don’t plan on doing anything so, for now, it is up to us until we can vote the NRA backed politicians out of office.

Today a two-year-old killed their eleven-month-old sibling with a gun that was not locked up by a parent. The parent was in another part of the house and was only alerted by the child complaining about their ears after firing the gun. (LINK) The parent is not going to be charged and this makes me so damn mad. Why wouldn’t the parent be brought up on charges of child endangerment or something? Why would you leave a gun where a child can get to it? Like I said it’s up to us because politicians don’t care about us.

It seems to me like all the Republicans in office want to do right now is hate on the kids trying to change the world for the better. Today the governor of South Carolina, Henry McMaster called the walkout today “shameful” and it was orchestrated by a “left-wing group.”

“This is a tricky move, I believe, by a left-wing group, from the information I’ve seen, to use these children as a tool to further their own means,” McMaster said. “It sounds like a protest to me. It’s not a memorial, it’s certainly not a prayer service, it’s a political statement by a left-wing group and it’s shameful.” (LINK)

I guess he doesn’t think these students can think for themselves, but he will know the truth soon. Some of the kids taking part in these demonstrations and rallies will be old enough to vote in November and they plan on making a few of these “right-wing” politicians jobless.

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