If I could pick any city to live in it would be Austin. At one time, I said I would NEVER, EVER move back to Texas and almost four years ago I moved from Louisiana to Texas. I was not happy to move back, but I made some great friends through a local writing group and at the gym. I can honestly say I will probably never leave Texas for more than a vacation because I love where I live, but I I could transport my dear hubby and all of my friends to Austin I would go in a heartbeat.

Austin Marker

Austin is a place that everyone fits in, even a Yankee transplant like me fits in. There are funky little coffee shops and it seems like there really is a place for everyone to fit in.

It makes me mad that my beloved Texas is being rocked by someone with an anger issue and is taking it out on Austin. Two days ago (Sunday around 8:30 pm), two more people were injured by a bomb that authorities are saying was triggered by a tripwire. This makes the fourth bomb in three weeks. Austin, Texas is being targeted by a serial-bomber.

The FBI has sent 350 agents to Austin and I am hoping and praying they catch this piece of trash who is killing people. I hope they catch this person and throw the book at them. I want this person to go to jail for the rest of their life and I hope they think about what they have done.

The authorities are examining to see if the bombs are meant to target minorities. Austin’s Police Chief Brian Manely said, “We don’t have any evidence. What we know for certain is: We have three victims that are victims of color, and we have three package bombs that have exploded on the east side of Austin,” where many of the city’s minority residents live. (LINK)

I live hours away from Austin, but I can tell you with this happening it makes me feel a little unsafe in my own city. My friends who are reading this, please if you see something out of place, call 911. If a package is delivered and you aren’t expecting one, please don’t touch it, call the police and get away from the package. If you see something, please say something to someone.

The people of Austin have every right to feel safe in their city, in their homes and riding their bikes like the last two victims. They are two young men who shouldn’t have to be in a hospital recovering from an exploding bomb.

What the is wrong with people these days? To me and this is my own opinion, since the moment Donald Trump glided down that escalator in Trump Tower and began spouting about Mexico not sending their best, he has made people who are racist and filled with hate to feel it is alright to come forward to attack people who are different from them. Donald Trump didn’t hesitate to make fun of a reporter with a disability. When our president acts like this, why wouldn’t other think is fine to do as he does.

In my opinion, a president should at least want to act presidential when they are in public. It’s pretty bad when the president’s wife takes a completely different motorcade to board Air Force One, so she can avoid walking across the White House lawn with him. (LINK) I know I said I was not going to discuss Melania because I feel bad for her, but I am going to speak about her in this blog.

I feel so bad for Melania. If my husband had done even half of what Trump is being accused of, I would have already contacted a divorce attorney. Melania, if you are reading this (I know, she won’t see this, but I can hope) please know you have a safe place here in Texas. Message me. I’ll help you get out of this situation. You deserve so much better.

Sorry, I had to get that out of my head.

Like I said, I believe that Trump acting the way he does, it is like saying to people “it’s fine to treat each other like crap, go ahead.” And this isn’t the way we are supposed to be toward each other. It’s time for us to take things into our own hands. Let’s fill the world with love and then people like Trump will see there are more of us than there are of people like him. We can support one another through times like Austin is going through. Let’s send light and love to Austin, they need us.

Mawow and I wish you,

Peace, Love & Happiness,


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