When I hear the young adults from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Sandy Hook, and Columbine say they are disappointed in the “adults” in this country, I totally get it. They are doing what we should have done a long time ago. After the very first mass shooting at a school it should have been taken care of right then and there. I am one of the adults the kids are disappointed in because I haven’t stood up and made my voice heard before the Parkland shooting. After each shooting, I would voice concerns to my family and friends, but I never stood up to say enough.

While the March For Our Lives was going on this past weekend, the president wasn’t brave enough to stay in Washington to face the hundreds of thousands of people who came to make their voices heard. He decided to fly to Florida and hide out in Mar-a-lago and spend time on the golf course. I did hear that he couldn’t hide from the people along the way to the airport when he flew back to Washington on Sunday. I am proud of the people in Florida who stood along the road so that Trump couldn’t help but see them.

I am so proud of the young adults bringing people across the world together to fight for stronger gun laws. They are doing what we have failed to do for them. It makes me happy to see the next generation standing up for what they believe in, what makes me sick is people making up things about them. Right-wing gun owners are afraid of the next generation and they are trying hard to drag these students through the mud and it makes me angry.

Republican Congressman Steve King of Iowa posted this on Facebook.

Screenshot-2018-3-27 A Republican congressman just attacked Emma Gonzalez on Facebook and deleted it after outcry

He received swift backlash and deleted his post, but people were able to capture his post. (LINK)

Teen Vogue released a GIF of Emma Gonzalez ripping up a shooting target and Gab a “free speech social network” released a doctored GIF of her ripping up the United States Consitution. A couple of hours after the doctored GIF was released, Gab said that it was “obviously a parody/satire.”

The Chief Content Officer corrected the GIF on Twitter.

Screenshot-2018-3-26 No, Emma Gonzalez did not tear up a photo of the Constitution

Of course, the doctored image was passed around Twitter and people believed the image to be real. I am covering the names of the people who passed around the tweet on Twitter because I will not allow these people to get “famous” for the crappy things they do.

Emma Gonzalez was not the only one to receive hatred on Twitter.



It makes me sad that the “adults” who are supposed to be looking out for the younger generation seem to have abandoned these young people. They instead are being total idiots to them. Who are these young people supposed to know who to turn too when all they see coming at them is hate from so-called adults? What has to go through a person’s head when they decide to attack teenagers who have been through a mass shooting at their high school? Are people’s heads so far up their own behinds that they can’t see what is going on? This just pisses me off and I hate to see people doing this to these teens that have gone through hell.


I know I am going to pray for all the young people and I am going to send them positive messages on Twitter to try to block out all the hate. These kids have been through hell and back and they deserve to have adults be on their side. I am going to be one of the adults who knows how to act like an adult and I am going to stand up for them and all the kids around me. It’s time we act like adults and pave the way to common sense gun laws. If a lawmaker in Texas (Ted Cruz) is standing in the way of these common-sense gun laws, it’s time for you to lose your job and find something else to do.

I hope you will join me in your state and get rid of lawmakers standing in the way of what is right. It’s time for the young people to know they can count on their president, congressman, and senators to do what is right.

Mawow and I wish you,

Peace, Love, & Kitty Snuggles,



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