I am embarrassed to write that as my title but according to a source close to the White House said, “Trump is like, ‘how can I f**K with him?” That is our president speaking about Jeff Bezos of Amazon. (LINK) The “president” has become obsessed with Jeff Bezos. The scare quotes around the word president are mine. I am to the point where I feel like I am living in a nightmare and I hope I wake up soon. (Please Mr. Mueller, wake me up soon.)


In my opinion, Donald Trump is jealous of Jeff Bezos. Mr. Bezos employs more than 500,000 Americans and when Donald Trump tweets about Amazon, Amazon stocks begin to fall. In other words, the so-called president is messing with over a half a million American jobs. (LINK) Every time he tweets about Amazon their stocks drop.  (LINK)

Screenshot-2018-4-2 amazon stocks today - Google Search

Donald Trump is happy to start trade wars because he says they are easy to win.


trade war tweet

Donald Trump, the “great business negotiator” doesn’t understand what he is doing by starting trade wars. He thinks small potatoes if you will pardon that phrase. The entire world needs to do business with each other. Free trade is something Trump doesn’t get. When another country can produce a product more efficiently than we can, it makes sense for that country to make said product. (LINK)

If the United States can make a product more efficiently than other countries it makes sense that we make that product and ship it to other countries. That is thinking globally and what is good for everyone. Our president who is very selfish only thinks about what is good for him. He is taking advantage of being president and doing things that are good for the Trumps and not the whole country.

And that brings me back to the president going to war against Amazon. Mr. Bezos bought the Washington Post in 2013 and the Post doesn’t cater to the president like other media outlets. (I’m looking at you Fox News and Sinclair Media.) (LINK)

Sinclair media tweet

This is something that I would expect from newscasters in North Korea or Russia and here it is happening right in our own country. Where is the Republican Party who are supposed to be the checks and balance of the president? The Democrats need the help of the Republicans to keep this man in check. This is the beginning of state-run media trying to cancel out the mainstream media, such as the Washington Post, New York Times, MSNBC, CNN, and others.

Again, this is the president messing with the jobs of Americans. The president and his daughter continue to have merchandise made for their businesses outside of the country, instead of having his MAGA merchandise made in the United States, they are made in China, Thailand, and Peru.

Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s experience buying merchandise from the Trump Store.

How can the president continue to have items made in other countries and his supporters not have an issue with it? Why isn’t his company supporting the workers in America? Why can’t Trump merchandise be manufactured in the United States? You know exactly why he has his stuff manufactured outside of the country, it’s cheaper. He is taking advantage of global trade and he doesn’t want to let other companies do the same thing. He is helping Trump and Trump only.

China is considering putting tariffs on 128 items exported from the United States and when the items from the United States become too expensive for the Chinese to buy, they will by from other countries, which in turn will hurt our own country. (LINK) Again, where are the people who are supposed to keep the president in check? This man is harming the country. When will his supporters understand that he isn’t good for this country?

When the rest of the world isolates us because of Trump, what will we do? How long after Trump is out of office will it take for our country to bounce back? Will other countries trust us? I wouldn’t trust us after we elected Trump as president. It is time for the people who do not support Trump to make ourselves heard. It is time for civil discourse. Speak out, please don’t be afraid. I am here. Tweet me, email me, or leave me a comment. I am here and I am speaking my mind. You can do it too. Let’s make our voices heard. We need to vote blue come November. Lets vote out the people who are letting Trump run wild lets vote for those who want to stop the madness.

I promise this won’t last forever. The Republican Party of yesteryear is gone. In its place is the Republican Party that can be bought. We can do this. I have great hope for November.

Mawow and I wish you,

Peace, Love & Kitty Snuggles,





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