Take out a piece of paper and give yourself five minutes or so to think of three men you look up too and write down why.  Think outside of the box.

  1. My dear hubby – duh, he’s the man I married, because he is wonderful and he stood by me when I got sick and almost died. He was positive I would make and here I am. He supports my writing and everything I attempt to do with my life. Yep, he’s a good man.
  2. My dad Gary – because, duh he’s my dad.
  3. Former President Obama – he cared about our country & despite being blocked by Congress, he tried to do right by the country.

Did Donald Trump make your list? If so, leave me a comment and tell me why, please.

The man who is supposed to be running the United States is not someone I could ever look up too and I think this is a first for me. As far back as I can remember, every president who has preceded Trump I am able to find a good quality even if they are not someone I personally voted for.

Former Presidents, even on the campaign trail always had decorum. They were politically correct in their speech as to not offend people, which I think is pretty normal. I am not and will not ever run for president, but I try to be politically correct in how I talk because I would feel terrible if I hurt someone’s feelings.

Donald Trump doesn’t seem to care about who he offends. Did you ever think we would need to send kids out of the room when the news comes on? When I was in middle school, we were told to go home and watch the news with our parents so we were informed. In elementary school, we even held mock elections. I voted for Jimmy Carter in the first mock election in school. We were told to go home and pay attention to the news, but now kids need to be sent from the room.

Could you imagine if former President Obama said the words “shithole countries?” Do you think Republicans would have lost their minds? Be honest, if you are a Republican, wouldn’t you have been mad if he called other countries that?

I have watched the news stations (local and national) try to figure out how to cover the so-called president when he uses vulgar words like “shithole” when referring to other countries, grab women buy their genitals, or referring to American football players as “son of a bitch.” It kills me to write those words out and there are some, I absolutely will not use. It shows how little he cares about other people when he can refer to them in vulgar terms.

I was taught in my college writing courses that going “blue” in our writing was something we shouldn’t do. In my opinion, if you have to pepper your writing or speech with swear words, you don’t have a very big vocabulary. Maybe Trump is losing his vocabulary because of age or he never had a very big vocabulary, to begin with.

Shouldn’t the president of the United States be someone you want kids to look up too? How can children look up to a 71-year-old man who acts like a schoolyard bully? He does what you would not want your kids to do, he makes up names for people he doesn’t like, such as little rocket man for Kim Jong Un (who he is supposed to be meeting sometime this summer), Lamb the Sham for Conner Lamb the Democrat who won in Pennsylvania, or Elizabeth Warren being called Pocahontas. (LINK)

In one of Trump’s latest tweets, he referred to former President Barak Obama as cheatin’ Obama.


I don’t believe that this polling is true. Donald Trump lies about anything and everything. (LINK) This man calling former President Obama cheatin’ is a man who cheated on his first wife with wife #2 and cheated on wife #2 with wife #3. Also, we are now finding out that he cheated on wife #3 with a porn star while she was at home with their newborn son. We are also finding out that he cheated on wife #3 with others. Oh, and Trump has 5 kids with 3 different women. Well, we only know about those five, but it wouldn’t surprise me if there are others out there just waiting to come forward.

Tonight, I am praying for those affected by the shooting at YouTube. I am praying that these shootings will stop soon, but I fear that with the NRA buying our politicians nothing will happen until we vote them out. The students from Parkland hoped they would be the last mass shooting, but here we are with another. When will the craziness stop?

I hope the next generation can stop what my generation has not.

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday and remember only 2 more days until the weekend. 😊

Mawow and I wish you

Peace, Love & Kitty Snuggles,



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