Today (Wednesday, evening as I am writing this) we remember Martin Luther King Jr. Fifty years ago today James Earl Ray assassinated Martin Luther King Jr. This happened before I was born, but I believe in everything Dr. King stood for. Martin Luther King fought for civil rights with non-violence and civil disobedience. He also opposed racial inequality and poverty. And on the day the country remembers Martin Luther King Jr., the president made the decision militarize the United States/Mexico border with the National Guard to keep brown people out of the United States.

I know saying Trump wants to keep brown people out of the United States is blunt, but I believe in my heart that it is true. Donald Trump and his father were sued by the Civil Rights Division in 1973 saying that African Americans and Puerto Ricans were systematically excluded from renting apartments. The Trumps counter-sued for $100 million and accused the government of defamation.

An ex-doorman was interviewed and said, A supervisor “told me that if a black person came to 2650 Ocean Parkway and inquired about an apartment for rent, and he, that is [redacted] was not there at the time, that I should tell him that the rent was twice as much as it really was, in order that he could not afford the apartment,”

The Trumps eventually settled in 1975 but admitted no wrong and they were required to rent without regard to race, color, sex, national origin or religion. (LINK) In 1978 the DoJ accused the Trumps of discrimination in spite of the settlement.

Donald Trump began his campaign by gliding down the golden escalator in Trump Tower and declaring his candidacy. He then went around the country saying “when Mexico sends its people they’re not sending their best, they’re not sending you, or you, they are sending people with lots of problems. They’re bring drugs, they’re bringing crime they’re rapists and some I assume are good people.”

In that quote where Trump says, “and some I assume are good people.” He assumes some are good people. Does he not know anyone from Mexico? Or someone who is Mexican? Of course, there are good people and I bet the good people outnumber the ones who have issues, just like here in the United States. We have people in this country who have lots of problems, who do drugs, commit crimes and I know for a fact there are rapists in this country and yet, I know that the GOOD outnumbers the bad. It may not seem like it if you take a look around Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any type of social media.

Just like Twitter give Trump a place to rant, it gives other people a place to rant also. I would like to think that the human race isn’t truly bad, but sometimes it’s hard not to believe it. But, like I said before, I know the GOOD outnumbers the bad.

Since Donald Trump was not given billions upon billions of dollars to build “his” wall, that Mexico was supposed to pay for, but it turns out we are going to pay for it, but since he didn’t get his billions, we are going to pay for a different way. He is going to send the National Guard down to the border. He said he was going to militarize the border but, that is against the law.

He did toss around the idea of the money for the wall coming out of the military budget, but I don’t think that has gotten any traction. (LINK) I wonder if Trump is playing Congress to get his money for his wall. If it becomes too expensive to keep his troops on the border, is he hoping Congress will give him the billions of dollars he wants to build his wall in hopes that it will cost less in the long run?

Former President’s Bush and Obama both sent the National Guard to the southern border and it was not cost-effective. The National Guard is limited to by law as to what they can do. They cannot be directly involved in the apprehension, search or arrest of immigrants and will mainly be involved in surveillance. (LINK)

I think the reason Trump wants his wall is twofold. His wall will keep brown people out of the country and his wall will be the “Monument of Trump.” They won’t put his face on Mount Rushmore and his wall will have the Trump name attached to it. In my opinion, he is counting on the wall being so expensive that future presidents won’t dare tear it down.

I wish I wasn’t writing about the president being racist in 2018. Martin Luther King Jr. left behind a legacy that is still activating people today and I hope and pray that we can eradicate racism in the near future. But it is going to take all of us banding together showing that people who believe color separate us and that those who believe people with more melanin in their skin makes them lesser, that they are not going to be in power anymore.

It kills me that Trump is the president after we have had Barak Obama as our first African American president. I had hoped after we had the wonderful President Obama, we would have the first woman president, but instead, we got Donald Trump who is trying to drag the United States kicking and screaming back to the 1950s.

A person who I follow on twitter (@kokomothegreat) got this sent to her. It was ad taken out in a newspaper in Mississippi this year. This should not be happening in 2018, we are better than this. It’s time for this to stop!


My dear readers, please help me. If you see racism happening in your community, stand up and let them know that racism isn’t welcome around you. We need to let people know that we will not stand for racism to continue. If we don’t get this under control, we are doomed to more and more people like Trump.

We need more people like Martin Luther King Jr., Barak Obama, Michelle Obama and you. We need you!

Have a wonderful Thursday, my friends.

Mawow and I wish you,

Peace, Love & Kitty Snuggles.


PS. As I have been editing Mawow has decided to walk across my keyboard multiple times. Right now he is standing on my right leg contemplating jumping across my laptop. All mistakes in this blog are all Mawow’s fault.

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