Mawow reading the letter from the NRA

When you write five posts a week, it can sometimes be hard to decide what to write about. I had Monday’s blog finished on Saturday and I started to think about what I should write for Tuesday (which is what you are reading now) and the topic dropped right into my lap.

Before dear hubby went to work on Saturday, I asked him to run outside to grab the mail so lazy old me didn’t have to do it. When he came in he said, “you won’t believe what came for me in the mail.” I was kind of surprised by what it was.

It is with dear hubby’s permission I write about this. When he came in from getting the mail, he handed me an envelope. It was addressed to dear hubby and it was from the NRA. They had a membership card already printed with his name on it and all they wanted was some cash and dear hubby could be a member of the NRA.

To be honest with you, I was a bit angry that the NRA sent this to my house. My dear hubby has never been a member of the National Rifle Association, so I don’t really know why they decided to send him this “welcome” packet. With dear hubby’s permission, I took that NRA member card and cut it into a million little pieces, along with everything that had hubby’s name on it. I put it into the return envelope and thought about sending it back to them because they had already paid the postage, but dear hubby talked me out of it, so I tossed it into the garbage where it belongs. I did keep the “Dear Friend” letter and I thought I would share some NRA propaganda with you. I can assure you, you have probably heard some of this before.

I quote, “Hundreds of anti-gun politicians, judges, radical billionaires and the freedom-hating media elite are vowing to fight on and never surrender…not until they ban hundreds of popular firearms, register gun owners and drive a stake in the heart of your firearm freedoms.”

WOW, drama much NRA? The NRA is really trying to make this into us VS. them and I do not recall anyone trying to take away your 2nd Amendment rights. But what people are concerned with is kids being shot in school. They are supposed to be safe when they are at school and yet, again and again, students and teachers are being killed in the classroom. What does the NRA say?

More from the “Dear Friend” letter, “If you want to protect your guns and your precious freedoms-for you and your children-please act NOW. Please accept this card and join NRA today.”

“This card offers crystal-clear proof to our elected leaders that if they push gun registration, licensing and prohibition, then they can expect defeat in Congress and the courts and in the next election. It’s that promise, backed by NRA membership muscle, that stops gun-banners in their tracks.”

I do not own a gun, but I do own a bow. I am not a hunter. I target shoot with my bow. There are members of my family who own guns to hunt and some just own guns. I don’t want to take away anyone’s right to own a firearm. I just want kids to stop dying already dammit. But, what does that letter from the NRA worry about? PROTECTING GUNS. It’s right there in the “Dear Friend” letter. Just look two paragraphs up.

So, Wayne LaPierre thinks that a good guy with a gun is the only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun, let’s look a little bit closer into that, shall we?

A teacher from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida was arrested this month after leaving his loaded Glock 9 mm pistol in a bathroom stall at a Deerfield Beach Pier where the gun was found by a drunk homeless man who fired the pistol. Luckily no one was hurt in the incident. However, this teacher is one who was open to getting training to carry a gun in the school. (LINK)

I am absolutely horrified that people want to bring more guns into a school where more innocent lives could be lost. I can think of different scenarios where bringing more guns into a school that would be a complete disaster. Think about the situation above and if the teacher left a gun in a bathroom stall at school. What if a young child found the gun and decided to fire it just like the drunk man above. He fired it to see if it was loaded and a child might do the same thing.

I would like to think that if a teenager found the gun they would turn it into a teacher, but then you have a teenager walking down the hall with a loaded gun. That could get dangerous real fast. Would the security officer at the school give a child a chance to even explain why they are walking down the hall with a gun? What if it was a child of color or of Hispanic descent? Would they get the same chance to explain as a child who is white? How many people of color have been shot for walking down the street while being black? Or driving while black? I’m sure you can think of a few too.

Just last week in Detroit a child overslept and missed his bus and was attempting to walk to school following the route his bus takes, but he got lost. He went to a nearby house to ask for directions when the woman who answered the door began yelling, “why are you trying to break into my house?” The child tried to explain he was just looking for directions when the woman’s husband came downstairs allegedly grabbed a gun and fired. The young boy took off as soon as he saw the gun. The entire incident was captured on the homeowner’s Ring video doorbell. (LINK)

Are these the law-abiding citizens that the NRA claims people like me are trying to take away their “precious freedoms?” Which by the way I am not trying to do!

I take part in walkouts to show I am in solidarity with the young people whose lives have been permanently altered by gun violence. I want all children to be safe in school and I do not agree that more guns will solve this issue.

When you drive a car, you are required to have a license and carry insurance, so why can’t it be the same with firearms? I think you should have to register all firearms that way if your firearm(s) is stolen the police have a way to track that weapon. They will know where the gun came from and where it goes. If you sell a gun, the person buying it should have to register it, just like we do with cars. Why is the NRA so afraid of having people register all firearms? Why do they fight sensible gun laws? It’s time people wake up and realize the NRA isn’t looking out for you, they are looking out for gun manufacturers and gun manufacturers just want to sell more guns.

This Friday is the 19th anniversary of the shooting in Columbine, Colorado and there will be a National School Walkout at 10 o’clock in each time zone. The students from Parkland, Flordia are encouraging everyone and not just their peers to walkout where you are. These young people are trying so hard to make a difference and I am absolutely horrified at the way they are being treated on social media. If you have twitter, I would encourage you to follow these students. I believe each one of them will go far in their lifetime. If you would like more information about the walkout or find a walkout near you click HERE.

I hope you have a great Tuesday. I would appreciate it if you could click the follow button and/or follow me on Twitter. If you like what Mawow and I are doing, follow us on Patreon (LINK) or become a patron. I promise to give extra treats for Mawow for you.

Mawow and wish you,

Peace, Love & Kitty Snuggles.





2 thoughts on ““DEAR FRIEND”

  1. So proud of Mawow! He is just showing you and many more the real facts. I believe that the types of guns being sold today are dangerous and frightening. Why would anyone need a assault rifle?

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