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Today my post is going to be along the lines of a rant, so please forgive me. If you aren’t up to reading a rant, I won’t be upset if you decide to click away. If you are clicking away, please have a great day and I hope to see you back here tomorrow. 😊

Please play the video and listen to the song as you read. Thanks!

If you have spent any time on social media you have seen the way people attack one another. This country has become a divided nation. It has become a YOU VS. US situation and it’s time that we begin to heal. At the time I am writing this (Tuesday afternoon) Donald Trump has been in office 1 year, 87 days, 1 hour, 45 minutes and 26 seconds. Yes, I have a Trump clock on my phone and it came in handy today.

The moment Donald Trump stated his views on Mexican people our country’s divide became apparent. There are people that I am close to who are Trump supporters and I don’t hate them. I just do not talk politics with them and it works. Why would I want to continually poke them with my views? I have been called a dirty hippie and I agree with the hippie part, but I am far from dirty. My views line up with peace, love and living in harmony with each other, but sometimes you just have to let stuff go.

If you go through any social media that contains anything having to do with Mrs. Hillary Clinton, people are arguing in the comments. We all know that Hillary lost the election, but Vanity Fair telling Hillary to take up knitting (LINK) and drop out of politics was just plain rude. I know they walked it back later, but if they wouldn’t tell a man to give up his lifelong career in politics, they shouldn’t be saying it to a woman.

The citizens of this country take their queues from those we look up too, so when Vanity Fair, the president, and others cannot speak civilly about others, then how can we expect our peers to be civil to each other?

When our president talks of kicking Mexican people out of the country, and saying he wants fewer immigrants coming from shithole countries, and having more immigrants coming from places like Norway, (LINK) his supporters follow along. Why would people leave Norway for the United States? They are witnessing us rip each other apart, so why would they want to come into a war zone?


We need to stop looking at each other as different races, we are all the same race! We are the HUMAN RACE. It shouldn’t matter where you come from, but who you are as an individual. We all bleed the same color.

I have been on the receiving end of some of the hate on social media and some days I want to stop writing this blog, but if I did then I am giving into a stranger. Why should I let someone scare me to the point I stop writing. I believe my ability to write is a gift straight from God and I believe in my heart I am doing what he wants me to do.

We need to stop spreading the hate and spread love around the world. How can we not want to help one another? Am I just a dreamer and what I am trying to do impossible? I would give a helping hand to anyone in need if I am able too. Am I living in a dream world?

do we even care anymore

I’m just going to insert some posts I took off the internet today. Some are a couple of years old and some are as recent as today. They all have one thing in common…HATE. We really need love now more than ever.

This blog post physically makes my stomach hurt and makes me want to cry. The situation our country is in is not new. Back when I was a kid I can remember hearing a few racist remarks from kids I went to school with and you heard about violence on the new but not like it is now.  Back then, we got three channels on television, then in 1981, MTV went live and around the clock television started. As I got older, the 24/7 news cycle became more popular and today we hear hate, anger, and discrimination on television, at the movies, in the music we listen too and of course in our own homes.

The kids of today are growing up hearing things that I don’t understand as an adult. It is to the point kids need to be sent out of the room when you turn the news on. I heard a word on the news today that I had to look up and I am 48 years old, so how is all this affecting our children? The kids need our support and not our hatred.

The students from Parkland, Florida are trying to make a change, but they are getting attacked left and right on television, by people who know better. (I’m looking at you Ted Nugent, these kids don’t need hate from you and your followers) (LINK) These kids and their families have received death threats to the point the parents of David Hogg have reached out to the FBI. What the hell people. (LINK)


I have a 7-day challenge for you. Starting today (Wednesday) at least once a day for an entire week make someone smile. Tell them something positive. “Hello, stranger, I really like your shoes.” (Hello, stranger, I really like your hair.) We can spread the love and hopefully the person you effect will spread the love forward. Maybe we can change someone’s life this week. If you take the challenge, let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to come back and tell me how this week went for you.

Mawow wanted me to tell you to have a wonderful day and he likes your hair and shoes.

Mawow and I wish you,

Peace, Love & many Kitty Snuggles.



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