This will not be a long post. I am having a hard time focusing on writing today. I am continuing yesterday’s theme.

Today, (Wednesday as I write this) a large number of people are mourning the loss of Mrs. Barbara Bush and I am one of them. I may not have agreed with her husband or son’s politics, but I mourn the loss of one very classy lady. Mrs. Bush was quite the firecracker. She didn’t always agree with the conservative ways of her husband, but she was devoted to her husband of 73 years. I pray that Mrs. Bush finds peace in heaven and that her family is at peace knowing that she is residing with our Lord.

What I find absolutely deplorable is the people who are trashing the late Mrs. Bush on social media. The woman just passed and already the ugly face of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are showing. Why are the people in our country acting like spoiled, rotten heathens? Even if you do not agree with the politics of a person, there is no reason to gloat about their passing and wishing the rest of her family to follow her into death.

I must truly live in a dream world where I thought the people claiming to be liberal, thought like me. I would never-ever wish death upon the family of someone that I did not agree with politically, but maybe that is just me? Am I the delusional one?

Shorty after Mrs. Bush passed away, a professor from the English department of Fresno State took to Twitter to make some horrible statements. Randa Jarrar tweeted the following…


She then went on to Tweet a telephone number stating it was hers, but it was to a suicide/crisis prevention hotline.



I do realize that we in America have the right to free speech, but I do wish people would think before they decide to say things that could get you in trouble with your employer or hurt a family who just lost their wife/mother/grandmother. The college has released a statement, but say they are still looking into the matter.


Randa Jarrar was not the only one who took to social media to take glee in the passing of Mrs. Bush, Trump ally Roger Stone took to Instagram and posted the following.


Please, can some explain to me why people seem to find glee in the passing of a person? I feel that the Bush family is owed common decency with the passing of the matriarch of the Bush family. I cannot even imagine what they are going through right now. Former President Bush lost his wife of 73 years and I pray that he finds peace knowing he will see his wife one day in heaven.

Why the hell would you feel glee when a man has lost the love of his life?

Insert tweet.

What is this world becoming? Where is the love?

I’m sorry this is a short post today. I hope you have a lovely Thursday and I will see you back here tomorrow.

Mawow and I wish  you,

Peace, Love & Kitty Snuggles.




  1. Some people have no heart. Wonder why she thought she had to post what she did. She is actively teaching? What goes around comes around so the saying goes

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