After a chat with my mother-in-law this past weekend, I realize that I need to clear up something that is important to me. I am not trying to take away anyone’s Second Amendment rights. I just want kids to stop dying. I don’t think an education is worth dying over and this should never, ever need to be a choice. Kids deserve the chance to get an education without watching their teachers and friends die.

Back when I was a teenager, I never thought once about getting shot in school. In fact, where I went to school there were kids who had gun racks in the back windows of their trucks and they had guns on the racks. Kids would go hunting after school. Heck, I went hunting with my dad and I hunted with a bow in my twenties, so I am not saying that guns need to disappear, but there need to be common-sense gun laws.

What ticks me off is states that are attempting to make common-sense gun laws are being sued by the National Rifle Association. Gov. Rick Scott of Florida signed Senate Bill 7026 into law and the NRA filed suit against Florida for the part of the bill that raises the minimum age from 18 to 21 to purchase a firearm. (LINK)

“This bill punishes law-abiding gun owners for the criminal acts of a deranged individual. Securing our schools and protecting the constitutional rights of Americans are not mutually exclusive,” the executive director of the NRA Institute for Legislative Action Chris W. Cox said. (LINK)

Another thing I think needs to be discussed while I am talking about firearms. People who own firearms need to do a better job making sure they are secure. I did a Google search for accidental shootings this year and the results make me nauseous. In 2018, you would think society has advanced enough for people to realize securing firearms is a good thing.

Just a few days ago, a three-year-old toddler shot her mother with a loaded Glock19 9mm handgun her father left in between the seats of the car. The child got a hold of the gun and shot her mother through the car seat. The mother said she heard a loud pop and got out of the car to check on her kids, she then realized she had been shot. (LINK)

The father has been charged and the children have been placed with child services. How is this going to affect this little girl? For the rest of her life, she will live with the knowledge that she shot her mother. This isn’t something that you can look back and laugh about it. This is a life-altering event. Her father is in jail and her mother will have nerve damage for the rest of her life. You can’t really blame the child, this all rests on the parent’s shoulders for not securing a deadly weapon. I hope that this little girl can find a good therapist because she is going to need one.

I am very saddened that so many children have been affected by gun violence and when people like myself talk about sensible gun control we are labeled as trying to take away people’s right to own firearms. I promise you that isn’t what I want. I just want kids to be kids and not have to grow up quickly like the students from Parkland. These kids just want to make sure other kids don’t have to live through the same thing they have gone through. Instead, they are getting attacked by people who work for Fox News and on social media. David Hogg’s family has had to contact the FBI for the number of death threats they have received. What I don’t understand is who even thinks of threatening these kid’s lives? Why would you do that? These kids just want to be kids, but instead, they are trying to save other lives.

My plea to those of you who own firearms, please make sure they are secure and away from where children could come in contact with your gun. And, please if you are not registered to vote, get registered. We need common sense gun reform now.

I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday and I will see you back here tomorrow.

Mawow and I wish you,

Peace, Love & Kitty Snuggles.




One thought on “LET KIDS BE KIDS

  1. We both know people who should not have a gun, what kills me is that they brag about it and think it’s the latest accessory thats in style. Give me a break. 🙄

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