I am getting a late start writing my blog for tomorrow. (Friday) I watched Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell and I am doing what Lawrence said we should do. I am listening to the entire Fox & Friends interview with Donald Trump.

I am a little over 12 minutes into the interview and I am not sure this qualifies as an interview. It is Donald Trump screaming into the telephone. To me, it sounds like the man hasn’t slept and is paranoid about what is happening with the special counsel, Robert Mueller and his lawyer being raided. It sure makes me wonder what information about Trump is going to come out.

Trump is trying to twist the truth. He says that Michael Cohen is a businessman, more a businessman than a lawyer. He went on to say that he has MANY LAWYERS. If that’s the truth, I hope Robert Mueller listened to this interview and took notes.

This man is supposed to be the man who is running this country, yet he had a free thirty minutes to yell at the TV and make the world listen to him do it. If he had enough time to call Fox & Friends, he sure enough had time to buy his wife a birthday present. Melania, if you are reading this, you are better than this. Run away now, I’ll help you.

This man is an embarrassment to this country. I hold Fox & Friends responsible for the president’s meltdown. He watching Faux News and gets all of his information through them instead of listening to the people who know what is really happening in the world.

Do you remember during the Presidential Debates, when Trump kept sniffing like there was something going on? He is back at the sniffing. I don’t know if maybe he has a health issue that no one will admit too. We can’t listen to what Ronny Jackson says now, so it’s time a real doctor check Trump over.

As I have been listening to this man yell and ramble into the telephone, I can’t help but get angry myself. This is the person who is supposed to be taking care of the country, but he could care less, he is running the country like he did his lousy show. He just wants people to fawn all over him. He doesn’t give a hoot about anyone but himself and maybe Ivanka. I doubt he could name all of his kids.

Like I said before, I blame Fox News for the president’s meltdown. They just fill his head with untruths and he takes their word as gospel. If you watch the hosts of Fox & Friends during this so called interview, they are visibly upset and try to get Trump off the phone before they start to look bad for getting Trump on a roll. It’s too late Fox & Friends, in my opinion, you are to blame for Thursday’s meltdown.

One thing before I end this blog, how can Fox be alright with Trump and his name calling? He called Chuck Todd from MSNBC sleepy eyes again and they of course just let him get away with it. I for one and just waiting for November when the waves of people will be voting blue.

I hope you have a great weekend and I will see you back here on Monday.

Mawow and I wish you,

Peace, Love & Kitty Snuggles.



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