As I begin writing for Monday, I am watching the Trump rally that took place on Saturday in Michigan. In the middle of watching, I had to stop to get a shower and wash the Trumpness off my body and out of my head. I figured since I was torturing myself, I might as well pluck my eyebrows, but now that I have done that I will continue watching the rally.

Okay, Trump just said something that really pisses me off personally. Does this man really not understand what a Community College is? He said, “These community colleges they’re wonderful, but nobody really knows what a community college is.” Then he rambles about vocational schools. Does he not know these are two different types of school?

Without Palm Beach Community College, I wouldn’t have gone back to school in my 30s. I will be forever grateful to my professors at PBCC who didn’t look at me any different than the younger students. They knew I was there to learn just like everyone else. Without my professors, I probably wouldn’t have been brave enough to even start this blog. I hope I am making them proud.

In my honest opinion, Donald Trump is doing exactly what Russia/Putin wants. He is trying so hard to separate the United States from our longtime allies and making American citizens hate one another. Russia has always wanted to mess around with the American democracy and Trump has opened the door and let Putin walk right through. In my heart, I know Mr. Mueller is making his case against Trump air-tight and I know it takes time, but Mr. Mueller if you are reading this please hurry!

The United States is a land of immigrants. Unless you are of American Indian descent, you come from an immigrant family. My family comes from Italy, on my mother’s side, Germany, and American Indian on my father’s side.

What dear old Donald Trump forgets, he is a second-generation American. His grandfather was from Germany and his mother was from the United Kingdom. I wish his grandfather was turned away the way Trump wants to turn away people in need. Trump keeps talking about this “caravan” of people wanting to come into the United States through Mexico, but what he doesn’t tell his supporters is that they are seeking asylum. They are for the most part women and children fleeing from their homeland because of violence. No one decides on a whim to go to another country to seek asylum. These women and children have left everything behind. They came by crowded buses with very little and I am sure they do not have large amounts of money. They are still coming even when Trump has threatened and is separating children from their parents because they want their children to be safe. How many of Trump supporters really know what is happening in the world? If they don’t look beyond Trump and Fox News, they won’t see that Trump is leading this country into a big mess.

Every business Trump has become involved in on his own has ended in disaster. How many of his business ended in bankruptcy? This man does not know how to properly run a business so what makes him think he can run the United States? Our country is already in debt and he added another $1.5 trillion to the national debt. It is not like he cannot just declare bankruptcy and walk away. He will add more and more to the debt and when he is out of office, he won’t give to shits about the American people.

The more Trump separates us from our allies, who is going to buy the stuff we make here in the country? We can only buy so much before we will have excess and jobs will be lost. You already see what happened with Carrier, but what about retailers? Walmart, Sam’s Club, Sears, ToysRus, and Macy’s have all closed stores in 2018. If the American people are losing retail jobs, the manufacturers have to let people go because they have nowhere to put stuff on the shelves. The more Trump has American only doing for itself, who will buy stuff from us? Trump is pulling us away from the countries who buy our stuff. But, then what happens when those countries write the US off? Where will we get the stuff we buy from other countries? Most of our cell phone parts, computer parts, and other electronics are made more cheaply outside of our country. Are you willing to pay more for your electronics? Who will you blame?

I hate to say the words, but the president is dumb, he didn’t do well in college. His professors have spoken out. Trump doesn’t know what the hell he is doing. No one wants to work in his administration. Working for Trump is the death knell to your career. Just ask Ronny Jackson.

Sorry for such a gloomy post for a Monday, but I watch the Trump rally, so you didn’t have too. I will tell you to look at the part where he took all the credit for N. Korea & S. Korea meeting. Trump wants you to know how wonderful he is and how the sun and the moon only rise because of him. (I made myself sick writing that sentence)

Have a great day my friends.

Mawow and I wish you,

Peace, Love, & Kitty Snuggles





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