Good morning! Today’s blog is going to be a little different than normal. I am going to rant and if you aren’t ready for a rant I will not be upset if you decide not to read any further. I just ask that you come back tomorrow, and I should be done with my self-pitying rant. If you are ready for an angry read, please continue.

I came home from the gym around 2:30 this afternoon. I got a late start today, I overslept and then I spent some time talking to a friend and then playing with Mawow. Once I got to the gym, I went right into stretching and then walking on the treadmill. I have a strict no phone rule at the gym so I can focus on what I am doing instead of messing around with my phone. The real me is lazy and I would play on my phone instead of working out. I do have a smartwatch that gets text messages in case of an emergency. I may rethink about having my smartwatch receive emails after what happened today.

So, when I got home I started to make myself a snack and dear hubby asked me if I had the bank account hooked up to a game that he and I play together occasionally. I don’t have the bank, but my PayPal account. (which I have since removed) Apparently, someone was able to hijack my gaming account and make $200 purchases on my account. They must have been planning on keeping my account because they outfitted my character pretty well. The also blocked dear hubby so he wouldn’t see my account online.

I reached out to PayPal and they gave me the email address to get in touch with the company. In the end, the company reversed the charges and by 7 pm, I had my account back and the money back in the bank account. We added extra security measures to my gaming account. As this is happening, I receive another email from another gaming company that I have an account with, they shut my account off for suspicious activities. I have an email in with that company to have to get my account back and get a new password.

This may sound strange to have happened in the same day, but since I began writing this blog, I have had numerous accounts for games, the perks for my gym account shut off for suspicious activities and email address passwords changed. I am not sure what people get out of getting my stuff all messed up. But this time it went way too far, they actually took money out of our bank account. Why do people think this is alright? Am I not allowed a voice? Do they think messing with me will make me shut up? Well, they have another thing coming, each and every nasty email, private message or nasty message on my blog has been put into a folder. I take screenshots of everything. IP addresses are logged and one day they will push me too far and I will call the police. I am getting tired of people telling me to die in a fire or they hope I die. Is that what the good “Christian” has come too?  

I have had it with people trying to shut me up. I will keep resisting and that won’t stop when Trump is out of office. I will continue to resist until the GOP realizes they are in office to work for all the people and not just the 1%.

Ted Cruz has no idea that Beto O’Rourke is going to run him out of office. Ted Cruz has spent his time in Washington and not in Texas, but Beto has been all over Texas and he is wonderful. I am one of those people who is getting as many people registered to vote and we are starting with Ted Cruz.

Has the United States degraded so much under Donald Trump that telling people to die in a fire is acceptable? There are people in the country who need help and not the mental kind of help, but the behind bars kind of help.

I’m sorry this was a rant, but I am angry and it needed to be said. I am keeping my head up and I won’t let people beat me into silence. I have your back if you will have mine.

Mawow and I wish you,

Peace, Love, & Kitty Snuggles.



2 thoughts on “GAMER GIRL

  1. I hope you will get some peace, I never realized some people can enjoy hurting other people like they do now. What goes around, comes around and they will know then how it feels.

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