Good morning y’all! Last night as I was talking with a dear friend, he told me I should write about a happier topic for today, so I am taking his advice. (TY FL) Since this blog is about Mawow and I trying to make our way in the crazy thing called life, I thought I would tell you a little about my dear sweet Mawow. 🐱

Mawow came to live with dear hubby and me on November 15, 2016. We were not planning on getting a cat because hubs didn’t like cats. I do believe he called them the spawn of satan. My younger sister had a cat that left a lasting impression on dear hubs. So a cat was the last thing he in the world he wanted. 🐱

Two friends of mine found little Mawow and he was pretty beat up and so very young. He shouldn’t have been away from his mama, but there he was. My friends got in touch with me knowing that I had plans on sneaking a cat into the house some way and I hit hubby with it while he was at work. I texted him saying there was a cat and I wanted it. I am not sure why he said yes, but soon as he said it was alright, I let them know.


Hubby came home from work in the morning and I was off to the store to get cat supplies. I kind of went overboard and I still do that for my little man. He has way too many toys, but he is my only fur baby so he will be spoiled. (I know other people who spoil their animals 😊 They know who they are)

By the time dear hubby got up that afternoon, Mawow was here. Back then, he was named Bobby Baby Boy Belcher. My friends were going with the Bob’s Burgers theme in kitty names so Bobby it was. When hubs came downstairs Mawow was wrapped around my neck and for the first few months that is where he slept. Maybe my nightmares of being choked come from having a sleeping cat wrapped around your neck. 🐱


20180503_221610 20180503_221452

When I am home, Mawow isn’t too far away from me. He comes when I whistle. He has become closer with hubby, but you can tell he is my cat. In fact, as I am writing he is sitting on the other side of the bed like he owns the place. (he does, but don’t tell hubs!)

You may be wondering how Bobby Baby Boy Belcher became Mawow? When Bobby came to us, he didn’t meow, he would squeak at you. So I thought I would try to teach him how to meow. Yes, I am that kind of person. I would get down on the ground with him and meow at him. At first, he would look at me like I was just this crazy person who gave him treats when he squeaked. The meows were coming but they were still squeaky. I decided since he was a little boy he needed to grow up to have a manly meow. So, I started saying “ma-wow, ma-wow” trying to get him to meow with me. The little boy must have been so confused because he will only answer to the name Mawow. 🐱

I also made the mistake of calling for him from the middle of the living room. We have a loft that overlooks the living room and he likes to perch up there so he can see his whole world. If we went somewhere, I would call him as soon as we would come home. Now he thinks that is the place to get your attention. He could be laying right beside me and he will want my attention, so he gets up and goes into the middle of the living room and yells. He has quite the voice now. I swear our neighbors probably think I murder the cat on a daily basis by the way he yells.


Mawow has become a big part of my life. Hubs and I never had children so he is our first baby, so I spoil him rotten and you can tell. He does run the place, we are just his staff. When Hurricane Harvey hit last year, dear hubs had to work and I could have stayed at his work, but with us having Mawow, I was not leaving him home alone. 🐱

We went nine days without electricity or water. There was so much water around our city, we couldn’t have left if we had wanted too. We were pretty much stuck here. At night, I had flashlights and candles so I wasn’t in complete darkness, but the townhomes where we live were empty, people found hotels and other places to stay. Hubs, myself, and two neighbors were the only people who were in the entire complex. Not one of us had a generator, but it was nice to know there were other people here when I was home alone at night.

Mawow and I stayed pretty close to each other. I think he was just as traumatized as I was after the hurricane. We had gotten supplies together and I could cook on the grill, but we didn’t know we would be without power for so long. 🐱

One night Mawow and I were home by ourselves. I was asleep on the couch with my battery operated fan and he was on the stool by the front window. We were just trying to stay cool. I had the window partially open and the windows upstairs in the loft open trying to get some fresh air.

I was dozing and I heard the blinds rattle and the screen fall out of the window. Mawow was gone. I quickly searched the house and called my hubby at work. He left work and was coming to help me find the cat. I took two of his favorite toys, treats and the flashlight on my phone. I began shaking the toys (they have bells in the balls) and calling his name. 🐱


There I am at three in the morning, in my pajamas walking around the complex in complete darkness with only my flashlight. I walked around calling his name and I am getting scared that he was gone forever. I was trying to keep myself from crying and hoping that hubby would get home quickly to help me.

I walked to the end of the townhomes and I spotted two glowing eyes up against the fence in the back. I was praying it was Mawow and not some rabid creature going to bite my fingers off. I walked closer to the glowing eyes and knelt down. I rattled the treats and shook the bells. The creature walked toward me and I heard a soft “ma-wow.” I have never been so relieved in my entire life. He walked to me and I scooped his little butt up and we ran back to the house. As soon as we got in the door he was out of my arms and up the stairs. He knew his mama was mad. 🐱

Hubby came home shortly after I had gotten in the house. We got the screen back into the window and I slept with the windows shut after that. I wasn’t having another night like that. I was so scared that I had lost my fur baby for good. Now, he doesn’t go near the front door. If you knock on the door or ring the doorbell he flies up the stairs to the loft. I think don’t think he wants another repeat adventure.

I hope you enjoyed the adventures of the great Mawow. I enjoyed writing about him. He brings me such joy and I would be lost without him. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and we will see you back here on Monday. 🐱

Mawow and I wish you,

Peace, Love, & Kitty Snuggles.




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