Since Donald Trump announced his candidacy, I have tuned into the news every waking moment. The moment he glided down the gold-plated escalator announced that he was running for president and that Mexican people are rapists, drug dealer and some are good people, he guesses. Has he never met a person who is Hispanic that doesn’t work for him?

Like I said, every waking moment has been spent worrying about the country, about my friends who are not white, and about women. People who call themselves patriots have become the lowest of the low in my book. They are the people who want a “white” America. They seem to have forgotten that unless they are of Indian ancestry they come from an immigrant, who left their home for a better life in America.

I also worry about those closest to me who are not white. I have friends every color of the rainbow and I want each and every one of them to be safe but living in the south brings on a whole new set of issues.  If you live within 100 miles of a border, Border Patrol can stop you. Please, know your rights. (LINK) The link contains your rights when dealing with Border Patrol.

Is it only the United States that deports men and women who joined the armed services with the understanding they would be able to become citizens?

If you are a daily reader, you have noticed that I have cut my posts to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I am using that time to decompress and work on other projects. Keep a lookout for sneak peeks of the novel I am editing.

But mostly, I am taking time away from Trumplandia. Trump is attempting to rip apart this country and we must stay informed and do what we can stop him. However, everyone needs a break every now and then. I was spending way too much time trying to figure out a way to get rid of Trump and I was ignoring my own life. I am trying to find the right balance, and may I suggest you do the same?

Trump will be there until either Mueller gets rid of him, the blue wave washes away the GOP, where Trump can do nothing, or he loses the next election. We just need to keep ourselves ready to fight at a moment’s notice. We need to keep each other rallied and ready to vote. Get everyone you know registered to vote before November. We are going to need each and every vote we can get. We can’t rule out that Russia will try to stack the deck in the GOP’s favor. They did it once and we can’t let our guard down.

We cannot rule out that Russia is funneling money into Republican’s election campaigns so we must be vigilant in who we are backing with our own funds. Check into the person you want to vote for, campaign for and donate money too. We must do our own research.

I guess what I am trying to say is take care of yourself. We are in a fight for our county and when Trump is out of the White House it will take time for our country to recover. It will also take time for other countries to trust us again and this is where we come in. We need to make sure that we are good, decent and kind people on social media. We have to show that the majority of us don’t want Trump/Pence anywhere near the White House and we are being held hostage by 37% of the country. We then need to make sure this never happens again.

Please don’t hesitate to take time for yourself and your loved ones. We need to stay healthy and happy in our lives because it is us that will make a difference once Trump is out of the White House.

Mawow and I hope you have a fabulous weekend and we will see you back here on Monday.

Mawow and I wish you,

Peace, Love, & Kitty Snuggles.



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