Good Morning My Friends,

I am having a hard time not being angry at Kelly Sadler (LINK) “joking” and saying “John McCain is dying anyway.”  It all started because John McCain was urging the Senate to vote against Gina Haspel, Donald Trump’s pick for C.I.A. Director. I wrote a piece on her earlier this month, (LINK) concerning her and torture.

I have been trying to live mindfully (mindfulness is energy that helps us recognize the conditions of happiness that are already present in our lives) and this woman has invaded my mind to the point if I didn’t write something, I knew I was doing a disservice to myself and to you.  

How can anyone “joke” about another person dying? How crass of an individual do you have to be to think joking about a man fighting cancer is funny? According to CBS, Saddle has reached out to the McCain family to apologize, but what is she really apologizing for? Would she have apologized if her words were not leaked to the press?

Two members of my family have died from brain cancer, so I have seen what John McCain is going through and I know what his family is going through. Brain cancer is a very ugly thing for any person to have to witness and I am utterly shocked that someone would stoop so low to joke about his cancer and eventual death.

I shouldn’t be shocked, because the “president” of this country makes crass jokes at people’s expense and has demeaning nicknames for anyone he dislikes, so why am I shocked that he and his people stoop so low?

John McCain has a wife who is witnessing the death of her husband in slow motion, he has seven children and five grandchildren, who I pray will only remember the happy moments they have with their grandfather.

And, through all of this, John McCain is still doing his job. My politics may not line up with John McCain’s, but I would never, ever stoop to the level that Trump, his administration, and his followers stoop too.

This is where us, the beautiful, big, blue wave that will wash over this country between now and November, we must, never, ever stoop so low that we find the death of another worth joking over.

The Trump Administration has not apologized, and on Friday, Sarah Huckabee Sanders would not condemn the remark and said she would not comment on an internal staff meeting. How hard would it be for Trump to issue a statement apologizing for the remark? Has Donald Trump ever apologized for anything in his lifetime? In my humble opinion, this man has a ton of Karma coming toward him and he is too blind to see it.

I just ask you, my family of readers to never get to that level. We are better than that. We are the bigger person when it comes to stuff like this. I pray that you never have to deal with cancer or that any family or friend has to deal with it, but as a cancer survivor and have three cancer deaths in my family I am personally offended by this woman. I will be spending time in prayer and meditation for this woman and I ask you to do the same. Cancer is a terrible monster and I pray that soon a cure will be found and we can stop losing lives.

If you would like to donate to help eliminate cancer, please click here.

This blog is dedicated to the three ❤️💜❤️ family members I have lost to cancer and to my ❤️ sister who has beat cancer’s ass.

I hope you have a lovely day and I will see you back here on Friday.

Mawow and I wish you,

Peace, Love, & Kitty Snuggles






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